How Visiting Poland with a Holocaust Survivor Can Fight Ignorance: A Fireside Chat with Isaac Osiel, founder of The Living Legacy Experience

Around the world, Holocaust denial continues to spread its ugly and hateful message, claiming that the Nazi Holocaust either didn’t happen or that the numbers are greatly exaggerated.

But the challenge to truth isn’t just hate; it also comes from ignorance and apathy. In recent surveys, significant numbers of respondents, especially younger people, claim little knowledge of the Holocaust.

But the cause is not hopeless. At the end of May, after a two-year hiatus, The Living Legacy Experience brought dozens of Canadians to Poland, alongside a Holocaust survivor, for a powerful week on the ground, helping to create seeds of inspiration for participants.

In this week’s episode of The Honest Report, we sit down with Isaac Osiel, a Toronto businessman and founder of The Living Legacy Experience, for his thoughts on why the program needed to be created, and the dangers of not educating the future generations about the Holocaust.

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