How This Changemaker is Helping to Empower Israel’s Arab Community: A Fireside Chat With Dr. Dadia Fadila, Founder of Q Schools

Arabs represent more than 20 percent of Israel’s total population, and members of Israel’s Arab minority have been represented across Israeli society, including politics, the judiciary, business, and the arts.

But despite enjoying equal rights under Israeli law, Israeli Arabs today face lower incomes and higher levels of violence in their community, leading some critics to falsely accuse the Jewish State of discriminating against its Arab population.

But the future of Israeli Arabs has never been brighter, thanks in part to people like Dr. Dalia Fadila. Dr Fadila is the founder of Q Schools, an institution for promoting quality education in the Arab society in Israel. She was previously president of the Engineering and Technology College and vice president of Al Qasemi teacher education college. In 2022, she received the Medal of Honour from Israel’s president.

Dr. Fadila joins us as a guest to discuss Q Schools, and how her efforts are helping to pave the way for a more prosperous future for Israel’s Arab population.

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