How Israel Has Done More To Protect Civilians in War Than Any Other Military In History: A Fireside Chat With John Spencer, Chair Of Urban Warfare Studies At The Modern War Institute At West Point

May 22, 2024

The facts are as undeniable as they are unreported by the news media: that Israel has done more to protect civilians in war, particularly in an urban warfare setting, than any other military in the history of warfare.

Despite a widespread and well-funded disinformation campaign, from actors ranging from South Africa to the Islamic Republic of Iran to professional protesters, Israel is not only definitively not guilty of the crimes it is accused of, but it has taken extraordinary steps to protect civilians in Gaza, going far beyond what is required by international law.

Israel has paid for this care dearly, losing more than 270 soldiers fighting Hamas terrorists in close combat, rather than – doing as virtually any other country would do – minimizing risk to soldiers and simply using overwhelming aerial firepower.

To help us understand Israel’s extensive protections of civilians in Gaza, we are joined by John Spencer, Chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Modern War Institute at West Point, and one of the world’s top experts in urban warfare.

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