How Does The Recent Saudi-Iranian Resumption of Diplomatic Ties Impact Israel? A Fireside Chat With Rafael Castro, Berlin-Based Political Analyst.

On March 10, Saudi Arabia and Iran announced that they had agreed to resume diplomatic relations, in an agreement brokered by the Chinese government.

As part of the negotiations, they agreed to continue official visits between the countries, as well as re-open mutual embassies.

In recent years, Iran and Saudi Arabia have been jostling for power across the Middle East as regional rivals and as Islamic powers. Beyond being a major diplomatic win for Beijing, what is the impact of the announcement on Israel? Will Saudi Arabia continue to look at Tehran and its nuclear program suspiciously, or has Israel lost a sympathetic ear inside the Saudi kingdom?

Joining us to help shine some light on these negotiations is Rafael Castro. He is a political analyst based in Berlin. His writings have appeared in a number of Israeli publications.

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