How Anti-Israel Activists Use And Abuse International Law to Defame Israel: A Fireside Chat with Yifa Segal, International Director of UK Lawyers for Israel

August 10, 2022

Given the continued failure of the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement to affect grievous economic harm on the Jewish State, anti-Israel activists have pivoted in recent years to using international legal outlets to attack and defame the country.

In addition to using legal forums like The Hague and the International Criminal Court (ICC), these activists have also used rhetoric to help push their advances. By continuing to repeat misinformation such as that Israel is in defiance of international law, the Jewish State’s reputational in international fora has been attacked.

Our guest this week on the Honest Report podcast is Yifa Segal, who knows all about these efforts by anti-Israel activists and has helped to effectively fight back. As the former Director of the International Legal Forum, and as the current International Director of UK Lawyers for Israel, Yifa has helped to innovate Israel’s effective response to these lawfare efforts.

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