How An Innovative & Interactive Exhibit Will Be Helping to Fight Antisemitism: A Fireside Chat With Sam Eskenasi, Director Of Advocacy With La’ad Canada

Antisemitism, often called history’s oldest hatred, has a habit of reinventing itself in order to stay a powerful force. In contemporary times, antisemitism has often hidden behind a veneer of anti-Zionism, but its core anti-Jewish nature has not changed.

Despite antisemitism’s changing face, only with continuing ignorance can it be given oxygen, and that’s where an innovative and interactive new exhibit, soon to be launched across Canada, will add a unique voice.

In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Sam Eskenasi. Sam is the Director of Advocacy for La’ad Canada, a non-profit advocacy organization taking a different approach when it comes to educating the general public about Israel and the Jewish People.

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