Can Sports Help To Moderate Qatar, Or Will Hosting The World Cup Only Reward Bad Behaviour? A Fireside Chat with Tal Brody, AKA Mr Basketball, Former NBA Draft Pick and Goodwill Ambassador for Israel

December 6, 2022

Even before the World Cup games kicked off in Qatar on November 20, controversy has embroiled the games.

Given Qatar’s support for Hamas terrorism against Israel, its creation of Al Jazeera as a propaganda arm, and its brutal treatment of its foreign workers, critics have questioned how the country was able to secure such a high-profile tournament.

But after the games conclude, the questions will remain: will being awarded the World Cup enable its extremism, or will it help to moderate the oil-rich kingdom?

For his perspective on this, we are joined on this week’s podcast by Tal Brody. Tal is an Israeli former professional basketball player and current goodwill ambassador of Israel. Brody was drafted in the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft, but chose to pass up an NBA career, to instead play basketball in Israel.

Today, Tal is a sought-after speaker in the world of Israel and sport.

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