Battle of The Brands: How The BDS Movement Has Been Able To Define Israel So Successfully: A Fireside Chat With Itzik Yarkoni, Founder of BOMAH: The Brand of Milk & Honey

If you were told the word “Italy,” what words come to mind? Pasta, beautiful, or cobblestones perhaps? If you were told the word China, perhaps you’d think of The Great Wall, The Yangtze River, or Chinese food.

But when people think of Israel, what words come to mind? Even among Jews, Israel is often associated with anti-Israel disinformation.

How did anti-Israel groups brand Israel so successfully, and what should be Israel’s brand in return? Hi-tech, cherry tomatoes, or something else?

In this week’s episode of The Honest Report podcast, we sit down with Itzik Yarkoni, founder of BOMAH (Brand of Milk & Honey) for his take on what branding means, and how Israel’s opponents have been successful, and how he thinks Israel should brand itself.

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