A Symbol Of The Jewish State: A Fireside Chat With Tamar Shapira, Deputy Executive Director Of Save A Child’s Heart

October 13, 2022

In 1995, an organization was born at the Edith Wolfson Medical Centre near Tel Aviv. It aimed to provide top-tier heart surgery to as many needy children from around the world as possible, all at no cost.

In the 37 years since, Save a Child’s Heart has operated on thousands of children, saving countless lives in the process. But what makes the organization’s work especially noteworthy is that many of the children come from countries and regions with whom Israel has no diplomatic relations, including Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

As such, Save a Child’s Heart has become more than a humanitarian organization; it’s become somewhat of a symbol of the Jewish State at large – extending a helping hand around the world.

In this week’s episode of The Honest Report, we sit down with Tamar Shapira, Deputy Executive Director of Save a Child’s Heart, for her behind-the-scenes sharing of the remarkable stories from this microcosm of Israel.

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