18 Years Later: What Is The Legacy of Israel’s Disengagement From Gaza? A Fireside Chat With Amotz Asa-El, Author & Political Analyst

Over the course of about four weeks beginning in August 2005, Israel underwent a profoundly traumatic experience: the Disengagement from Gaza. Critics at the time said it was tearing Israel apart. Supporters said it was difficult, but Israel had no choice.

Before long, the vacuum left by Israel in Gaza was filled by Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group which continues to run the coastal enclave with an iron fist. But was Hamas’ takeover inevitable, or could it have been avoided?

And now, 18 years later, what is the legacy of the Disengagement on Israel, and how do its supporters and detractors evaluate the withdrawal from Gaza?

To help us unpack the historic decision and its aftermath, we are joined by Amotz Asa-El. He is the Jerusalem Post’s senior commentator and former executive editor, is currently a fellow at the Hartman Institute and a senior editor at the Jerusalem Report.

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