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PM Harper Should be "Hung For His Crimes" Says Activist Featured on Iranian PRESS TV in Canada

by Mike Fegelman

PRESS TV, Iran’s propaganda arm which operates in Canada without a license from the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), has filed a report from Calgary. This report, by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Joshua Blakeney, featured an activist declaring that “If today we had capital punishment on the books in Canada…..he (Prime Minister Harper) could be hung for his crimes”. Apparently without irony, reporter Blakeney stated that Canada should “emulate the more moral foreign policy of states like Iran”, a country which has an extensive global network of terror cells (including in Canada), and which repeatedly calls for genocide of Israel and the Jewish people.  Certainly, the reporter could not have meant to suggest that Canada promote international terrorism or emulate its violation of the Geneva conventions for inciting genocide?

Alas, as noted by HRC in Huffington Post, Press TV  has a long history of promoting Holocaust denial, giving platforms to neo-Nazis, and perpetuating a radical anti-Israel and anti-western agenda. Indeed, PRESS TV is Described by UN officials as an unreliable source that "exaggerates and openly fabricates reports" . In April, Blakeney produced an on-the-street "report" from Calgary claiming that the Canadian government was supporting terrorist groups in Syria.

Iran possesses one of the world’s worst human rights records. Its promotion of  incitement to genocide and procurement of weapons of mass destruction have made Iran a pariah in the international community.

Good comic relief, Mr. Blakeney!



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