York University Student Newspaper Column Accuses Israel Of Committing “Genocide” Against Palestinians

October 25, 2023

Of all the absurd lies lobbed at Israel since Hamas’ gruesome murder of 1,400 innocent Israeli civilians in southern Israel – the deadliest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust – one of the most egregious is the baseless claim that the Jewish State is committing genocide against the Palestinians.

In an October 23 opinion column in Excalibur, a York University student newspaper, “Not in our name: Jews say no to another genocide,” Anna Lippman brazenly accuses Israel of carrying out the “indiscriminate killing of Palestinians in Gaza,” and writes that the country “targets schools and hospitals.”

While such blatant disinformation is ordinarily so ludicrous that it would not merit the legitimacy of a response, in this case, the pervasiveness of such claims require that the record be set straight.

Hamas, the Islamist terrorist organization whose very raison d’etre is the destruction of Israel through violent means, aims to do whatever it can in order to murder as many Jews as possible. Consequently, the only obstacle standing between Hamas and murdering not just 1,400 innocent Israelis on October 7, but indeed all Jews in Israel, is the Israeli military.

It is Hamas which actively and gleefully targets any and all civilians it can hit.

The October 7 terrorist attack showed the world the true face of Hamas: that short of Israel’s destruction, there is nothing Israel can do which will satisfy Hamas’ bloodlust.

Against this demonic enemy, Israel has no choice whatsoever but to do its utmost to degrade Hamas’ capacity to murder and main Israelis, and has carried out a series of military strikes against Hamas targets over the last two weeks.

Despite Lippman’s breathless claims of genocide, there is no evidence whatsoever that Israel is committing anything close to indiscriminate killing. In fact, Israel specifically targets terrorist sites belonging to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), another Gaza-based terrorist group whose rocket is likely responsible for hitting a Gaza hospital on October 17.

Hamas, which intentionally operates out of civilian buildings in Gaza, not only has no respect for the value of Israeli human life, but it has none for Palestinians, either.

Not only does Hamas widely use its own people as human shields, it has actively prevented civilians in Gaza from fleeing the fighting, effectively forcing its own people to die as sacrifices so that their lives can be cynically used by anti-Israel detractors like Lippman to parrot Hamas propaganda.

Lippman’s column reflects more than just a breathtaking ignorance; it represents a profound insult to survivors of actual genocides around the world.

Genocide refers to the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.” Israel is fighting a maniacal group set out to destroy it, and targeting specific terrorist infrastructure.

Victims of actual genocides, such as the Holocaust or the Rwandan genocide in 1994, were murdered en masse, in the hundreds of thousands or millions, for no reason other than that their perpetrators wanted to rid the world of their particular group.

Thus, calling Israel’s extraordinarily limited targeting of terrorist infrastructure in Gaza “genocide,” is not only a complete inversion of the meaning of the word, but is also a slap in the face to all victims of genocide around the world, and an indefensible whitewashing of Hamas’ terrorism against Israel.

Lippman also accuses Israel of being a “settler colonial project,” a favourite gobbledygook phrase used by anti-Israel detractors which ignores three thousand years of Jewish history in Israel, and instead labels the country little more than a modern-day colonial enterprise.

While such labels may seem comical, they are anything but; they represent the delegitimization of Israel and the erasure of Jewish history, and are widely used by Hamas and its apologists in the West, because if Israel can be deemed illegitimate, then it follows that it should be destroyed.

Lippman’s fanatical anti-Israel column brings disrepute to York University and Excalibur.


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