Writing In Globe And Mail, Ontario Doctor Falsely Accuses Israel Of Intentionally Targeting Innocent Civilians

February 20, 2024

In his February 15 opinion column in The Globe and Mail entitled: “As a doctor in Gaza, I came face-to-face with unimaginable suffering,” Yasser Khan, an ophthalmologist in southern Ontario, drew a vivid portrait of human tragedy unfolding in the Gaza Strip, as a result of the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel.

“The extent of traumatic injuries suffered by Palestinians in Gaza is of a magnitude and severity I’d never witnessed before,” Khan wrote. “In short, Gaza is hell on Earth.”

But no matter how poignant Khan’s accounts were, they are at best, a highly selective description of the reality in the Gaza Strip, and not only failed to capture the full picture, it intentionally obscured it.

Rather than describing the current reality as a war between Israel and Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group which began the current conflict with its unprovoked October 7 massacre, Khan never once mentioned Hamas’ name, tacitly implying that Israel is waging war for no discernable reason at all against innocent people, and that its enemy, Hamas, is little more than a figment of the imagination.

Unfortunately, Hamas is very real, and continues to be a potent killing machine.

Prior to the war, Hamas boasted of having 40,000 fighters – equal to more than one in 12 adult men in Gaza.

Over the last four months, rather than simply bombing Hamas targets from the sky (as Israel’s detractors often allege), Israel has dispatched large numbers of Israeli troops to fight in close combat on the ground, where hundreds of Israelis have been killed in the fighting by Hamas.

Hamas also continues to hold roughly 135 Israeli hostages in its hellish underground terror tunnels, and in so doing, every day, makes the conscious decision to perpetuate the war against Israel, the same war that it launched on October 7.

Khan, who was previously the guest of a CBC radio show where he falsely accused Israel of “indiscriminately” bombing Gaza, repeated his baseless allegations in his commentary, writing that “health care workers have become targets themselves, a blatant violation of international humanitarian law.”

Khan’s self-censoring of Hamas misleads readers by implying that those killed in Gaza are uniformly civilians, ignoring entirely that Israel argues at least 10,000 Hamas fighters have been killed, many of whom – despite being armed combatants – dressed in civilian clothes.

Hamas is the culprit responsible for human suffering, both in Israel and in the Gaza Strip; not only because it launched the war on October 7 with its rampage of rape, murder, torture, kidnapping and dismemberment, but because it continues to perpetuate the war, both by refusing to release its kidnapped hostages, and by refusing to disarm.

Khan demanded a “permanent ceasefire,” which – as long as Hamas runs Gaza – accomplishes exactly nothing.

There was a ceasefire prior to October 7, and Hamas, a genocidal terror group, has promised to stop at nothing in its quest to destroy Israel. Hamas will not honour a ceasefire, and will never give up its campaign to massacre as many Israelis as possible.

Even as Israel takes unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas actively uses its own people as human shields, seeking to harm the very people it claims to represent, all for the sake of winning sympathy and tarnishing Israel’s standing and reputation.

The suffering in Gaza absolutely must end – permanently, but a Hamas victory will not achieve that; it will only guarantee forever war. Only Hamas’ surrender or defeat will bring peace. Anything less is performative. but utterly pointless.

Yasser Khan’s column in The Globe and Mail, highlighting suffering in Gaza, showed readers a picture of human suffering, but lacked the moral courage to point to the real culprit: Hamas.


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