Wellington Advertiser Newspaper Article Breathlessly Repeats Hamas Propaganda

On June 12, Robin George, a reporter at The Wellington Advertiser wrote an article entitled, “Pro-Palestine protestors call on MPs, U of G for arms embargo, divestment”.

George reported on a small pro-Palestinian protest in Guelph, writing that “Holding umbrellas and homemade signs, about 75 people protested in the rain in front of Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield’s office on June 7.”

She continued by saying, “Gaza’s Health Ministry reports Israel’s offensive has killed over 37,150 Palestinians and wounded at least 84,800 since Oct. 7, when Hamas killed 1,200 Israelis and took about 250 hostage, according to Israeli officials.”

In any other context, would The Wellington Advertiser quote ISIS or Al Qaeda casualty figures as credible? Certainly not. So why then with Hamas is this ghoulish practice done?

George mentioned anti-Israel activist Horeen Hassan’s groundless claims of genocide in Gaza, and continued, “The following day, at least 274 Palestinians, including children, were killed and 698 injured in an Israeli raid at Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. Four Israeli hostages were rescued during the raid, and three more were killed, according to Hamas.”

Running through George’s article is the implicit theme of legitimizing Hamas and delegitimizing Israel’s right to self-defense. On October 7, Hamas terrorists committed an ISIS-style massacre of 1,200 unsuspecting innocents. This included beheadings, burnings, gang rapes, brutalizing bodies, and more. They took over 250 hostages, keeping 120 of them captive to this day. Yet George made no mention of Israel’s genocidal neighbours who through sleight-of-hand have inverted the victim-perpetrator roles with the media – and the Wellington Advertiser’s – complicity.

When Israeli special forces came to get its kidnapped Israelis who were hidden by Gazan civilians, including an Al Jazeera reporter, surrounded by Hamas defenders, somehow George labelled Israel as the guilty one. The article quoted Hamas’s figures – through its Gaza Health Ministry mouthpiece – without transparency over their affiliation, without balancing it out with Israel’s view.

The casualties which occurred during the hostage rescue are entirely the responsibility of Hamas, thanks to the terrorist group’s strategy of using its real and imagined civilian casualties to garner international support. And this strategy is working.

They therefore cruelly position their fighters within densely populated civilian zones – often with vulnerable people – including firing at Israel from a hospital emergency room, and recently firing at Israel from Rafah’s humanitarian zone. In the case of the hostage release in Nuseirat, the hostages were deliberately held in residential locations, held by a Hamas “journalist” (a contributor to Al Jazeera) and his family. Yet these Gazans who worked with Hamas are somehow labeled civilians in many corners of the collaborationist news media.

Countless so-called civilians in Gaza are complicit with Hamas. This is borne out by the experience of released Israeli hostages. Former hostage Sapir Cohen was dragged into Gaza by terrorists on a motorbike and reports: “Innocent civilians who supported the terrorists kicked and punched me mercilessly, without stopping. And I couldn’t help but protect my head with my hands…” Another released hostage and former peace activist, Ada Sagi, reported of the Gazans, “People say that they are not involved. They’re involved… and getting money for each of us.”

However, George did not share any of this information with the readers of the article. Instead, Hamas was legitimized, their evils whitewashed, and Israel’s point of view was disregarded.

Robin George, with the help of The Wellington Advertiser, offered protestors a forum to gain support for all their pro-Palestinian cause to delegitmize Israel’s very right to defend itself against Islamic terrorists. It offered its readers no information on the reality in Israel and Gaza, and its utter lack of balance is editorially unsound.


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