“Political Analyst,” In CTV News Commentary, Claims Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Is “Hell-Bent On Systematically Eradicating All Palestinians In Gaza”

April 12, 2024

In his April 11 opinion column for CTV News, “Joe Biden’s Netanyahu problem could cost him the election, and America its security,” Eric Ham, a former congressional staffer and current political analyst based in Washington, DC, makes indefensible and unhinged accusations against Israel, accusing it of trying to kill as many Palestinians as possible in Gaza.

While ostensibly providing commentary on the impact of the Hamas-Israel war on the re-election of U.S. President Joe Biden, Ham’s column instead is a repulsive assault on Israel.

Ham writes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “seems hell-bent on systematically eradicating all Palestinians in Gaza.”

To call such comments ignorant would be a dramatic understatement. In actuality, they are ignorant, libelous and vituperative.

Even after more than six months of war in a densely-populated urban environment – a conflict launched by Hamas with its genocidal October 7 massacre and subsequent holding of hundreds of Israeli hostages – Israel has taken unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties, including actively providing warning in advance of strikes.

The truth is that if Israel, given its advanced military capabilities, was actually “hell-bent on systematically eradicating all Palestinians in Gaza,” that goal could have been accomplished within hours of Hamas’ terrorist attack six months ago, a simple point that is somehow lost on Ham.

In reality, it is not Israel, but Hamas which is interested in the systematic eradication of another population.

Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, states explicitly in its charter, in its actions and in the words of its leaders that if given the opportunity, the group would violently destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic State-style caliphate.

Ham’s commentary is less an opinion column and more a campaign of outlandish disinformation against Israel, with the writer lauding opposition to Israel as “moral clarity,” and that Netanyahu’s motivation for fighting Hamas in Gaza is not the Israeli hostages or the defeat of the terrorist group, but simply “bloodlust.”

In fact, Ham appears to be unaware as to why Israel is fighting in Gaza at all. Despite using the word “Netanyahu” 10 times in his column, not once did he dare to utter the word “hostage” or “kidnapped.”

Ham’s column makes sweeping and unsubstantiated statements, such as that “Israel’s attacks in Gaza have grown more brazen and brutal with each offensive,” a remark for which he provides no evidence.

The lack of support provided by Ham is unsurprising, given that no evidence could be marshaled when none exists.

Israel has carried out counter-terrorism operations against Hamas in Gaza, a group that is thoroughly embedded throughout the coastal territory, and despite Ham’s confident assertion that Israel’s efforts have grown ‘more brazen and brutal,” exactly the opposite is true, with israeli forces on April 7 withdrawing from large swathes of Gaza.

Israeli policy, and Israel’s government, are surely not immune from legitimate criticism, but Eric Ham’s opinion column for CTV News is not criticism or commentary, but fallacious disinformation with no evidence to support his libelous accusations, and the broadcaster’s decision to publish his report reflects poor journalistic judgment.


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