University Of Manitoba Student Newspaper Accuses Israel Of Genocide

In an April 9 column in The Manitoban, a student newspaper at the University of Manitoba, written by contributor Jessie Krahn entitled: “On campus news, Karuhogo’s UMSU and Palestine,” the author criticized what she characterized as the alleged silence from the school’s student union about the Middle East.

Krahn called what’s occurring in Gaza “genocide” at least twice in the piece, a bold falsehood which nonetheless, according to Krahn, has “touched and will continue to touch the U of M community.”

She also stated this accusation in an earlier March 5 commentary. Such a term of “genocide” can’t be thrown around lightly – it has a definition, by United Nations standards, and key to that definition: the deaths have to be intended and deliberate, neither which Israel is doing (and something that Hamas is and was doing).

What Krahn blatantly ignored, all while irresponsibly accusing Israel of genocide, is that Israel warns civilians in advance of attacks while doing its utmost to move them to safety, and Hamas uses innocent Gazans as human shields.

In sharp contrast, Hamas – a designated terror organization in Canada – is providing the world with bogus death numbers that are statistically implausible and do not distinguish between civilians and combatants. It was just last month that a statistician from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania pointed out that the supposed death toll in Gaza, as reported by Hamas’ government organ, rose suspiciously too consistently despite being in the fog of war.

Given the totality of full-throated support and blanket acceptance of the position of Palestinian radicals, the Manitoban’s editorial stance would surely receive nods of approval from Hamas.

They’ve managed to borrow some talking points straight from anti-Israel rally protest chants and social media memes.

Much of Krahn’s piece was touting the newspaper’s self-importance with self-congratulatory plaudits of its stance on the Middle East, and back-patting of the paper’s self-proclaimed critical voice on bringing important issues to the fore. Krahn proudly boasted that the Manitoban succeeds in its mission “to virtually congregate and dialogue” all the “while providing an even-handed platform,” displaying a breathtaking lack of self-awareness.

At the same time that she professes that the newspaper has been even-handed, acknowledging that she has “written about almost ad-nauseam” about how “the genocide constantly spills into local contexts.”

There doesn’t appear to be much in the form of “dialogue” in Krahn’s commentary, let alone anything “even-handed.” The concept of evenness is more than simply adding a token pro-Israel voice from time to time – which even The Manitoban struggles to achieve – but weights the conversation with as much balance as possible.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees individuals the right to express themselves, and that includes news media outlets. As such, The Manitoban has a charter-protected right to concoct false accusations against Israel – again and again. But that doesn’t make The Manitoban’s coverage legitimate, thoughtful or even coherent.

Jessie Krahn’s opinion column in The Manitoban makes dangerous and unfounded accusations of genocide against Israel, all while ludicrously pretending to be part of balanced coverage of the Hamas-Israel war.


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