Trio Of Anti-Israel Articles In McGill Daily Show Total Disregard For Journalistic Integrity

November 16, 2023

On November 8, a group of students at Montreal’s Concordia University set up an exhibit highlighting the hundreds of hostages kidnapped from southern Israel by Hamas during their October 7 terrorist attacks. What took place next captured headlines across Canada, when a mob of wild-eyed anti-Israel rioters descended on the display, screaming obscenities at the Jewish students.

 One rioter named Yanise Arab, a professor at the University of Montreal who was soon suspended from the school, yelled “go back to Poland!” at the Jewish students.

But according to a November 13 article in The McGill Daily, “Student Rally for Gaza,” by author India Mosca, what took place was merely “an altercation (which) took place in the university’s Hall Building between Jewish and Palestinian student groups.”

Mosca’s article reported on a recent anti-Israel rally at McGill University, organized in part by the Palestinian Youth Movement, though Mosca failed to tell readers about the organization’s long history of fanatical anti-Israel activism, including calls for Israel to be destroyed and justification for Hamas’ terrorist massacre of October 7. 

In the photograph accompanying the article, a sign can be clearly seen reading “revolution jusqu’a la liberation,” or “revolution until liberation,” a clear glorification of Palestinian violence, though Mosca similarly opted to provide no context to readers about this glorification of violence. Fatah, another Palestinian terrorist group, has used the similar term “revolution until victory” as a call to arms to murder Israelis.

Another article in The McGill Daily, published November 13 by the newspaper’s editorial board, “Standing with Muslim and Jewish Students,” purported to be a plea for the “well-being and safety of our student body.” Instead, the article repeatedly made half-baked statements, including repeated entreaties “for an immediate ceasefire,” while saying nothing about the hundreds of hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

 The editorial, which demanded that “our readers to continue to contact their elected representatives to demand that they advocate for an immediate ceasefire,” made no such ceasefire calls conditional on the return of hostages or on the surrender of Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group dedicated to the complete destruction of Israel through violent means. The failure to even acknowledge these fundamental components renders any call for a ceasefire worthy of only mockery and scorn.

Yet another article in The McGill Daily, “How the Canadian Government is Addressing the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” written by author Gemma Holland, read more like a Hamas press release than a student newspaper professing to “serve as a critical and constructive forum for the exchange of ideas and information relevant to McGill and related communities.”

In her article, Holland wrote that “as of November 8, the Palestinian death toll was estimated at 10,569 according to the Health Ministry in Gaza,” choosing not to tell readers that the “Health Ministry in Gaza” is a branch of Hamas, and is certainly not a reputable agency or source of any casualty data.

Later, Holland wrote that “Gaza is under siege and has been cut off from food, water, fuel, and other supplies,” once again accepting Hamas claims at face value with no critical context provided. Had Holland completed a simple Google search, she would have discovered that nearly one thousand trucks filled with humanitarian aid have entered the Gaza Strip, and if Gaza’s civilians are short on fuel, Holland’s fingers should be pointed at Hamas, which is hoarding hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel, which the terror group uses to perpetuate its rocket attacks against Israel, rather than providing care for Gazans.

The McGill Daily describes itself as a “training ground for generations of journalists since its inception in 1911.” Judging from this trio of articles, which demonstrate at best a disregard for basic journalistic research, and at worst an active hostility to it, the future of the news media looks very bleak.


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