Toronto Star Commentator – Who Previously Said “Israel Has No Right To Defend Itself” – Claims Pro-Israel Media Bias Dehumanizes Hamas

February 13, 2024

In yet another anti-Israel opinion commentary published in The Toronto Star built upon a shaky foundation of half-truths, Faisal Kutty, a lawyer and law professor, asserted that a widespread pro-Israel news media bias in Canada and around the world, is preventing the general public from understanding the reality of the war in the Middle East.

Kutty’s commentary entitled: “How Western media treats the ‘Islamic threat,” published on February 10, argued that there is a widespread “dehumanization” of Palestinians in the news media, caused by a general fear of “the ‘Islamic threat’” which he terms “the ‘green menace.’”

Kutty, who has previously argued that “Israel has no right to defend itself from occupied people,” and that “occupied people have the right to resist with any means,” which in our view is a clear justification for Palestinian terrorism targeting Israeli civilians, takes issue with references to Hamas as a “spider,” claiming that such depictions are a “simplistic” portrayal of “complex geopolitics.”

Given the centrality of fundamentalist Islam to Hamas – and other such groups, such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Kutty could have used his platform in The Toronto Star to vociferously condemning Hamas and labeling it an insult to the Islamic faith. Instead, he chose not to, preferring to fall into the intellectually lazy, but perhaps far more satisfying, routine of pointing a finger at everyone else but Hamas instead.

Throughout his column, rather than acknowledge the basis for why significant numbers of Canadians hold concerns about the rise of radical Islam, Kutty waves it away as unfounded bigotry.

But despite Kutty’s attempts to blur the moral divide separating the two sides in the current war, Hamas’ ideology could not be clearer.

Hamas is a genocidal, fanatical Islamic terrorist organization, sworn to Israel’s destruction, and in its place, the establishment of a theocratic Islamic State-style caliphate. To Hamas, things are not “complex,” but painfully simple: Israel is a cancerous tumour that must be excised.

Rather than zeroing in on Hamas, the party which launched the current war on October 7 with an unprovoked genocidal attack on Israel, Kutty blamed the news media for peddling what he called “incitement to genocide, dehumanization, justifications for war crimes and Israeli propaganda.”

What Kutty did not tell readers is that only one party, Hamas, is the side which openly declares its genocidal intent, acts upon it, dehumanizes Jews and Israelis, and unabashedly commits war crimes, both against Israelis, and Palestinians too by using its own people as human shields.

To Kutty, any media coverage that he disagrees with “screamed of bias,” citing coverage of the recent interim ruling from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where South Africa’s key demand – an immediate ceasefire – was rejected by the world court. Because Kutty would have preferred coverage that followed his own personal perspectives, the answer, it seems, is bias.

Kutty’s opinion column is a masterclass in attempting to suck and blow at the same time: the Middle East is complex, and comparing Hamas to a spider is “dehumanizing.”

But at the same time, all the news media coverage Kutty doesn’t like isn’t due to a difference in outlook, or the fact that large majorities in Canada and elsewhere recognize that Hamas is a terrorist organization; rather, it is because of bigotry and little else.

Faisal Kutty’s commentary, rather than having the courage to condemn Hamas for disgracing the name of the Islamic faith he follows, instead blamed much of the news media for daring to call Hamas for what it is.


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