Toronto Star Commentator Falsely Accuses Israel Of Indiscriminate Bombing & Collective Punishment

January 4, 2024

In his December 28 opinion column in The Toronto Star entitled: “A commitment to inclusivity, respect and empathy,” local Islamic leader Ibrahim Hindy implored the Canadian public to show more respect for Palestinian casualties as the war between Hamas and Israel continues to rage.

Hindy wrote that “My hope is that while we may disagree with one another on matters of faith, politics or culture, we cannot disagree on the sanctity and equality of human life,” a noble statement that is hardly controversial in nature.

There are many noble values, among them truth. However, in his column, Hindy made a number of false statements that challenge the very fundamental claims he made in his commentary.

Hindy wrote that “On Oct. 7 the world universally condemned the murder of Israeli citizens and rightfully recognized that there is no justification for violence against civilians. Yet all the days before and after Oct. 7 has shown us that these sentiments and principles are not applied universally and certainly not in Gaza.”

If only things were so simple. On October 7, following the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, the world did not universally condemn Hamas for its torture, rape, murder and kidnapping. Though many countries did, including Canada, too much of the world remained silent, or even celebrated the attack.

In Gaza and Judea & Samaria (often called the “West Bank” by news media outlets), polls have shown a large majority of Palestinians support the Hamas massacre, which intentionally targeted innocent Israeli men, women and children for murder. Here in Canada, there have been chilling instances of public praise for Hamas’ actions from a number of corners.

Elsewhere, even in the mainstream Canadian news media, many condemnations were couched in false statements that because of Israel’s non-existent “occupation” of Gaza, the targeted butchering of Israeli civilians was inevitable.

Even in his own statement, Hindy presented a false comparison between Hamas and Israel, referring to both Hamas’ genocidal violence and Israel’s counter-terrorism operations as “violence against civilians.”

This is a fundamental point: Israel does not commit violence against civilians. While it is undeniable that civilians in Gaza have died, Israel does not – unlike Hamas – target them for murder. In fact, Israel takes extensive precautions to avoid civilian casualties, including providing warnings in advance and putting Israeli soldiers on the ground, directly in harm’s way, rather than relying simply on air power.

These steps are hardly foolproof, particularly in the face of Hamas’ cynical and intentional use of its own people as human shields, a monstrous war crime that is well-documented and which shows that it is Hamas, not Israel, which bears responsibility for the predicament faced by Palestinians in Gaza.

Hindy accused Israel of “collective punishment, indiscriminate bombing or using hunger as a weapon of war,” allegations which are entirely without merit. Such scurrilous claims are not only baseless, Hindy’s statement calls into question his own commitment to truth. Whatever one’s political views or biases, this does not excuse anyone from simply misrepresenting the facts to support their pre-set ideologies.

As Israel continues to attempt to degrade the abilities of Hamas, a genocidal terrorist group which is dedicated to the total destruction of the Jewish State, it is more important than ever for Canadians to recognize that the same ideology which birthed Hamas – Islamic extremism – is no less a threat to Canada or other Western countries.

Across the Western world, it is Jews who are overwhelmingly being targeted for hate crimes by anti-Israel fanatics, yet Hindy instead solicited sympathy for “employees and students being targeted and intimidated for advocating for the people in Gaza,” a claim that stretches credulity. In instance after instance, anti-Israel detractors who have been condemned, have not been targeted for “advocating for the people of Gaza,” but instead for expressing hatred for Israel.

Hindy’s column calls for more inclusivity, respect and empathy. But his repeated parroting of anti-Israel disinformation shows that Hindy should focus on respect for truth first.


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