Toronto Star Columnist Shree Paradkar Accuses Israel Of “Scholasticide” In Latest Anti-Israel Column

January 24, 2024

In her eighth anti-Israel opinion column in a row, Shree Paradkar, a “social and racial justice columnist” at The Toronto Star, attacked Israel for committing what she calls “scholasticide.”

Paradkar’s column entitled: “How Israel’s ‘scholasticide’ denies Palestinians their past, present and future,” asserted that by striking the Al-Israa University in Gaza, among other buildings, Israel was carrying out an unjustified assault on Gaza’s educational system.

Paradkar, who falsely referred to the building as “Palestine University,” quoted Chandni Desai, an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, as saying that while “scholasticide isn’t genocide on its own, but what one could argue it is part of the genocidal war.”

In her column, Paradkar also quoted Abdel Razzaq Takriti, an associate professor of history at Rice University in Texas, who told her that “Scholasticide is a very dangerous aspect of genocide.” Once again, Paradkar is happy to repeat accusations of genocide, but failed to ever provide any back-up for her allegations, instead letting the repetition of the allegation stand in for actual evidence.

There is, of course, no genocide in Gaza. Israel has taken unprecedented steps to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties, even in the face of Hamas’ efforts to maximize those very same casualties in an attempt to demonize Israel to the international news media.

That does not stop Paradkar from lauding South Africa’s recent accusation of genocide toward Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague as “bravely brought forward.”

Hamas, which makes no attempt to hide its genocidal intent (and actions) specifically and deliberately targeting innocent Israeli civilians, has widely embedded its terrorist infrastructure throughout the Gaza Strip, all while stealing international humanitarian aid meant for its civilians, is largely relegated to the sidelines in Paradkar’s column, which dismissed Israel’s concerns with a wave of the hand.

“Israel claims any civilians or buildings it targets are either linked to Hamas, or, despite little independent evidence of it, that Hamas is using them as a shield,” Paradkar writes, saying nothing more about Hamas anywhere else in her column, and falsely implying to readers that the Islamic terrorist group is inconsequential.

The evidence of Hamas’ widespread use of Palestinian civilian infrastructure for its terrorism efforts is amply demonstrated, despite Paradkar’s dismissal of it.

In early January, U.S. intelligence services confirmed that Gaza’s Shifa Hospital was a Hamas command centre, despite claims to the contrary by anti-Israel detractors, and the Islamic terrorist group’s use of its own people as human shields has been repeatedly proven.

Paradkar also repeated her suspect accusation that Israel has killed scores of journalists, a contention she made in a previous column published on January 11. Once again, Paradkar ignored the serious rebuttal of her argument, namely that many of the ‘journalists’ killed were not, in fact, journalists at all, while many, if not most, of the others appeared to have links to either Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).

Paradkar quoted Desai, and how she presents the impact of war in Gaza on a local scale to her students, saying that Desai “says she tells them ‘Imagine U of T being destroyed, TMU, York and imagine the four hospitals, all of that gone.’”

The comparison is an absurd one. Unlike huge swathes of civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip which became used by Hamas to store weapons and kidnapped Israeli hostages, and where many of its senior leaders are thought to be hiding, the campuses of major Canadian universities are not being used as launching pads of violent terrorism against Israeli civilians.

Shree Paradkar’s latest opinion column in The Toronto Star, where she accuses Israel of “scholasticide,” completely ignores the extent to which Hamas uses Gaza’s civilian infrastructure for its own purposes, which consequently presents readers with a completely false picture of why Israel targets such buildings.


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