Three CTV News Broadcasts Provide Exclusively Anti-Israel Voices, Including One Guest Comparing Gaza To Warsaw Ghetto

February 23, 2024

On the February 18 broadcast of CTV National News, the broadcaster’s flagship evening news program, two separate reports were featured pertaining to the war between Hamas and Israel. In both reports, the only interview guests shown were hostile to Israel.

In the first report, correspondent Jeremie Charron reported on the ongoing war and the anticipated Israeli counter-terrorism efforts in the Gaza region of Rafah.

A total of five interviewees were shown during the brief broadcast, including two Palestinians in Gaza, and three others, all overtly critical of Israel’s operations. However, nothing was said about the significance of Rafah as the last holdout of Hamas, or about Israel’s search for 135 hostages.

One interviewee, Diana Sarosi, from Oxfam Canada, mentioned humanitarian concerns in Gaza, and warning of a famine, but at no time during the broadcast did Charron share that every day, as many as hundreds of humanitarian aid trucks enter Gaza.

Even once they enter, much of the aid is subsequently stolen by Hamas, taking it out of the hands of the general populace.

Another interviewee, retired Major-General Denis Thompson, said that “The only solution is going to occur when Mr. Netanyahu is no longer the leader of Israel.”

In a report purporting to be news coverage, not commentary, Thompson’s comments are not only entirely out of place, but patently false.

Hamas, not Israel, launched the current war, and by refusing to release its hostages, Hamas continues to consciously perpetuate the bloodshed.

Hamas is a fanatical Islamic terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s violent destruction, so even if Israel surrenders to Hamas, leaving the group intact and ready to re-arm and continue its jihadist war, the group will certainly do so – according to Hamas’ leaders themselves – who have explicitly promised as much.

Consequently, the moral imperative for Israel to fight Hamas is clear to most Israelis regardless of their politics.

Near the end of the broadcast, retired Major-General David Fraser was shown as saying that “They (the Israeli military) are going to go through, building by building, irrespective of if the building is a hospital or not,” a gratuitous statement given that Hamas has widely used hospitals and other civilian infrastructure for itself.

Charron concluded the broadcast by using that eyebrow-raising statement as a jumping off point, telling viewers that “Palestinian health officials” had reported that Nasser hospital in Gaza was recently shut down after raids, and that “several health care workers were arrested.”

Charron did not share who the “health officials” were, but that the Gaza Ministry of Health, as an arm of Hamas, is certainly not a reputable source of information, nor does it distinguish between civilians and combatants. For his part, Charron said only that “Israel has claimed it has evidence Hamas was operating in the hospital, which the group denies,” but did not mention that the IDF said it arrested at least 200 suspected Hamas members at Nasser hospital, many of whom pretended to be health officials.

In a second piece in the same broadcast, correspondent Kamil Karamali reported on efforts by a number of countries at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague to rule on the legality of Israel’s presence in Judea & Samaria (West Bank).

In the report, Karamali showed viewers a total of four interviewees, including Michael Lynk, who has compared Israel’s independence with the Holocaust, York University law professor Heidi Matthews, who heinously called Hamas’ terrorism “resistance.”

Another interviewee, Sari Bashi of Human Rights Watch (HRW), an organization with a long history of anti-Israel animus, told viewers of violence by Israeli settlers on Palestinians, and another, Jon Allen, a former Canadian envoy to Israel and Spain, said the “mood around the world” was now that Israel cannot remain in Judea & Samaria.

No interviewees with views supportive of Israel were quoted in the broadcast.

Also on February 18, CTV anchor Marcia MacMillan spoke with Rania Lawendy, CEO of Action for Humanity Canada, a registered Canadian charity which erases Israel from maps on its website and replaces the Jewish state with “Palestine”, who told her interviewer that “innocent civilians (are) just being carpet bombed” in Gaza, and that Israel is deliberately targeting civilians and healthcare workers, saying “snipers are killing them, shooting at them.”

Lawendy also claimed that there is a “manufactured famine” in Gaza, ignoring the untold numbers of humanitarian aid deliveries to the coastal enclave.

At no time did MacMillan challenge Lawendy on her scandalous and patently false allegations, instead letting them stand without any push back whatsoever.

Even more loathsome, Lawendy made an antisemitic comparison of Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto, where Nazi soldiers kept hundreds of thousands of Jews, before deporting them to their deaths. Once again, MacMillan remained silent, even in the face of an antisemitic comparison to Nazi Germany’s extermination of European Jewry.

Viewers of CTV News should expect to be informed of the major news stories of the day, not being fed anti-Israel misinformation, including indefensible comparisons between Israel’s actions, and Nazi Germany’s mass murder, with no nuance or opposing views present at all.


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