Students Apply Now: Become A Canadian Campus Media Watchdog For Israel

HonestReporting Canada and Hasbara Canada are proud to launch our Canadian Campus Media Program, empowering student leaders to combat anti-Israel media bias on university campuses from across the country.

In the backdrop of how anti-Israel detractors have usurped the platforms of Canadian campus media and use campus news platforms to foment discord, inflame tensions, and protract conflict – leading to antisemitism and xenophobia – our aspiring student journalists will work to stand for Israel and Canada’s Jewish community on campuses from across the country.

Presently, Canadian campus media have been infiltrated by anti-Israel protagonists who use and abuse campus newspapers, radio, TV, and social media to launch BDS campaigns and inaccurately portray Israel as a 1) pariah nation, 2) serial human rights offender, 3) “apartheid” state, 4) colonists, 5) “racist” endeavor, etc.

No longer will Jewish and Zionist students and supporters be marginalized, discriminated against, and intimidated on Canadian campuses.

As Canada’s leading organizations empowering student leaders to advocate for Israel and galvanizing grassroots Canadians to fight media bias against Israel, we are proud to form a united front to counter these threats head-on. If you’re a student at a Canadian university or college, apply now to join our prestigious Canadian Campus Media Program.

Successful candidates will:

1. Attend virtual media bias workshop conducted by HRC/HC

2. Monitor their local campus media

3. Respond to problematic coverage, whether by filing complaints or submitting counter letters to the editor and rebuttal op-eds

4. Proactively submit opinion commentaries and press releases to steer the conversation about Israel, following with the adage that the best defense is a strong offense

5. Share pro-Israel content on social media

Compensation: Each student will be paid $1,000 CDN upon successful completion of the Campus Media Program which begins in January and concludes in June.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Koren at


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