St. Thomas University Professor Wholeheartedly Accepts Hamas Propaganda, Presents It As Truth In The Conversation Commentary

January 26, 2024

In a January 21 opinion column in The that substitutes verbosity for evidence, Shaun Narine, a professor of international relations and political science at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick, condemned Canada and the Western world for their alleged “feeble response to Israel’s attack on Gaza.”

Narine’s column entitled: “Western moral credibility is dying along with thousands of Gaza citizens,” listed just about every half-baked accusation that has been leveled at Israel in the course of the current war between Hamas and Israel, most notably “using starvation, dehydration and disease as weapons of war” and “indiscriminately bombing civilians” in Gaza. Narine’s column was also published in the Winnipeg Free Press.

As a professor at an accredited Canadian university, one hopes that Narine expects his students to provide evidence when they are making an allegation of this sort, but remarkably he does no such thing, instead relying exclusively on rhetorical flourishes and repetition of increasingly nonsensical accusations in place of providing evidence to support his case.

No wonder that Narine does not provide evidence, for he cannot. Far from “using starvation,” Israel has facilitated the entry of sometimes hundreds of trucks filled with international humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip every single day, and the Israeli government has made clear that there is “no limit” to the amount of aid that can enter the coastal enclave as long as Egypt and the United Nations (UN) cooperate. While Israel has facilitated over 10,000 aid trucks into Gaza, no Israeli hostages have been released, a matter Narine ignored.

As for Narine’s contention that Israel is “indiscriminately bombing” civilians in Gaza, this ridiculous claim deserves nothing but scorn and derision. Satellite evidence shows a clear pattern of Israeli air strikes in Gaza in particular clusters, extremely inconsistent with what indiscriminate, or random, would look like.

Additionally, Israel’s air strikes have closely correlated to the known network of subterranean Hamas terror tunnels, where the Islamic terrorist group has stored much of its weapons used to murder Israeli civilians.

Narine, as a professor, also surely knows the danger of citing and quoting without attribution, but he does exactly that when he writes that “Israel is killing 160 civilians a day,” without sharing his source.

The source for such an outlandish claim? Hamas, via its so-called “Gaza Ministry of Health,” which is about as reputable as the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Wisely, Narine does not disclose this to readers, as it would surely not help his credibility.

Hamas has indeed claimed that 16,000 civilians in Gaza have been killed, a completely unverifiable number given that the group does not differentiate between civilians and combatants. Israel, for its part, says upwards of 9,000 Hamas combatants have been killed, but Narine simply ignored this, preferring to cite Hamas figures (without attribution) rather than Israel’s. In other words, Narine took a terrorists groups casualty statistics at face value, but ignored the casualty counts from the only democracy in the region, Israel.

As journalist Yaakov Katz has written, even according to Hamas’ own propaganda, the combatant to civilian death ratio achieved by Israel in Gaza is “unprecedented,” meaning that Israel has killed far fewer civilians per combatant than seen in any other modern conflict.

In perhaps his comment most detached from reality, Narine wrote that “If the West had held Israel to account, Oct. 7 might never have happened.” What he ignores is that Israel did offer the Palestinian leadership a full state, most famously in 2000, when then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat the Gaza Strip, eastern Jerusalem and virtually all of Judea & Samaria (West Bank) in exchange for peace, which was still rejected.

Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel, and which has controlled Gaza for nearly two decades, does not want a state alongside Israel. It wants one in place of Israel, as its official charter – and its leaders – say explicitly, without any hesitation whatsoever.

Israel has taken unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza, even with Hamas doing its utmost to use its own people as human shields, but instead of condemning Hamas, Nourine grotesquely attacks Israel as it fights a medieval death cult which has made no secret of seeking to destroy the Jewish State.

Shaun Narine’s column where he accuses Israel of war crimes is not only without any factual basis, it is a moral outrage.


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