Simon Fraser University Student Newspaper Tells Readers Zionism “Involves The Mass Expulsion Of Palestinians”

A fringe anti-Israel so-called “Jewish” organization has been given undeserved credibility and coverage in a recent article in The Peak, a student newspaper at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University (SFU).

The May 27 article entitled: “Independent Jewish Voices calls to reject IHRA definition of antisemitism,” by news writers Yashita Dhillon and Olivia Sherman, was little more than a regurgitated press release by Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), a group that, following Hamas’ October 7 massacres in southern Israel, proclaimed the right of Islamic terrorist organizations to kill Israelis.

The article reported on IJV’s opposition to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, a categorization of Jew-hatred that is widely embraced throughout the Jewish world, and has been adopted by the Parliament of Canada.

Instead of focusing on mainstream voices, Dhillon and Sherman fixated on a marginal voice, writing that “IJV opposed the inclusion of  IHRA’s definition of antisemitism, specifically its inclusion of Israel,” as part of British Columbia’s anti-racism strategy.

The article continued by quoting the IJV website and writing “the fight against antisemitism is undermined when principled opposition to unjust Israeli government policies and practices — including those that contravene international law — are branded as antisemitic.”

IJV’s comments, uncritically repeated by stenographers Dhillon and Sherman, are a complete misrepresentation of the IHRA definition.

Had the authors bothered to conduct even a cursory check on the IHRA definition, they would have found that nowhere does the definition ever seek to brand “principled opposition” to Israeli government policies as antisemitic.

In fact, IHRA explicitly spells out the exact opposite, saying that “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic.”

But instead of quoting this passage of the IHRA definition for readers, the authors instead opted to repeat IJV’s dishonest allegations instead.

Ironically, there is a movement among anti-Israel activists to demand that “anti-Palestinian racism” be codified in the law to ensure that pro-Palestinian propaganda be immune from any sort of criticism. Of course, Dhillon and Sherman did not share any details on that effort.

The article also misled readers about Zionism, the Jewish People’s national movement for self-determination in their historical homeland.

Once again, instead of producing news as a legitimate newspaper would seek to do, Dhillon and Sherman’s article read as an anti-Israel pamphlet, writing that “Zionism is a nationalist movement aimed to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Both historically and currently, this involves the mass expulsion of Palestinians from their homes.”

Scandalously, this rambling fictitious claim does not appear in an opinion column, but under the ‘news’ category of The Peak.

The Peak has previously embarrassed itself with similar juvenile content. In November, the newspaper published a list of suggested resources to help readers “expand your understanding of…the Israeli occupation and ongoing genocide.” Since Hamas’ October massacres, the newspaper has produced countless anti-Israel articles, including one which denied Israel’s right to exist and rationalized Hamas’ genocidal terrorism.

News Writer Olivia Sherman was the author of a number of those articles.

With this latest regurgitated press release from a fringe ‘Jewish’ organization, The Peak continues its descent into a disreputable abyss.


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