Simon Fraser University Student Newspaper Article Lazily Repeats Anti-Israel Talking Points

On March 19, The Peak, a student newspaper at Simon Fraser University, published an article entitled: “Israelism documents shifting tides of Jews against Israel’s nightmarish occupation”. It discusses the film, “Israelism” that reports about how “two American Jews raised to ‘unconditionally love Israel’ flipped its façade to lay bare the horrors of the occupation.”

The article, written by Petra Chase, the newspaper’s arts & culture editor, reported on a recent panel discussion at SFU discussing the film, which featured three anti-Israel Jews: author Naomi Klein, activist Simone ZImmerman, and physician Gabor Maté.

Chase’s article repeated the trio’s accusations of Palestinian genocide, confining Palestinians to the largest open air prison and wrote that “Israel’s sadistic war crimes like bombing hospitals and preventing life-sustaining aid from entering Gaza reveal the sheer level of destruction that continues to be treated as permissible when inflicted by a western-backed entity.”

Chase’s article, rather than covering an event which took place on campus, is a mindless regurgitation of the talking point produced by the speakers.

The panelists at the event swallowed Hamas’ inverted narrative whole. Chase quoted Maté as saying that “the global community’s reaction to the October 7 Hamas attacks revealed how thousands of innocent Palestinians ‘tortured in Israeli jails’ wouldn’t spark the same scale of outrage and condemnation as an attack on Israel.”

It certainly should not create the same level of condemnation. Only by joining forces with Hamas’ version of October 7, where the terror group claimed that “its fighters only targeted Israeli soldiers and people carrying weapons,” is Maté able to equate convicted criminal Palestinian prisoners – no evidence of torture – with a bestial attack on Israel’s existence.

While it has seemingly been all but forgotten in many corners today, nearly six months ago, thousands of Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel, murdering, raping, torturing and kidnapping as many people as they could. All told, they murdered 1,200 innocents and took 253 people hostages, 130 of whom remain in captivity.

There is no room for a moral equivalence here.

The massacre was just the beginning, not the end. Hamas’ leader, Yahye Sinwar, called the mass murders only “a rehearsal” for more to come, as the group’s charter calls for Israel’s violent destruction.

Israel is fighting for its very survival against Hamas, which is armed and financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Life-sustaining and medical aid is entering Gaza regularly and Israel has been working round the clock to ensure that it reaches those who need it. During the war, more food trucks entered Gaza than prior to the war — on average an increase of more than 50% per day, though such inconvenient details go unmentioned in Chase’s article and by the mainstream media.

Videos from inside Gaza show markets well supplied with food, and happy, healthy-looking Gazans who reassure viewers that they are “fine”.

Chase quoted one of Klein’s books, and cited the “open warfare against objective reality,” though she probably doesn’t realize that her article, a fawning anti-Israel hit piece, perpetuated exactly that.


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