Simon Fraser University Newspaper Continues Its Barrage Of Anti-Israel Propaganda

March 31, 2024

Once again, the student newspaper at Simon Fraser University (SFU) is transforming itself into a publication devoted primarily to disseminating anti-Israel propaganda.

In its March 25 edition, the front page features someone holding a Palestinian flag on campus, alongside the headline “SFU Faculty Supports Palestine.”

Inside the newspaper, an article penned by Staff Writer Izzy Cheung entitled: “SFU faculty members express support for Palestine,” told readers that a group of some 140 members, retired and current, of the university’s faculty signed a statement which expresses “their collective support for Palestine,” and endorsed the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement against Israel.

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The article explained that “the BDS campaign encourages individuals to boycott companies that are involved in violating Palestinian human rights (such as financially backing Israeli forces),” phrasing the campaign’s position as fact.

The article continued by acting as the public relations arm of the anti-Israel movement, linking to the website of ‘SFU Faculty for Palestine,’ their Instagram page and copying and pasting their members and official position.

In another article in the same edition entitled: “Palestinian Liberation referendum passes,” News Writer Olivia Sherman produced a report which, though officially not an opinion column, was indistinguishable from one.

Sherman reported on a referendum in January “in support of the Palestinian people, who are currently undergoing a genocide and apartheid at the hands of the Israeli Defense Force.”

Despite the popularity of the Hamas-propagated lie that Israel is committing genocide, it is wholly without any basis in reality.

Even as Israel seeks to topple Hamas, a proudly genocidal Islamic terrorist organization hell-bent on murdering as many innocent Israelis as possible, Jerusalem has taken extraordinary steps to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza, unprecedented in modern warfare.

This is not the first time Sherman has demonstrated an apparent inability to distinguish between columns and news articles. In a November 27 article, she matter-of-factly wrote, parroting anti-Israel propaganda, that “The State of Israel was created after the Nakba in 1948 – the Arabic word for catastrophe – when 300,000 Palestinians were violently dispossessed from their land…”

The Peak’s overt anti-Israel agenda has not stopped the newspaper from attempting to feebly portray itself as a legitimate publication.

Above Sherman’s article, an editor’s note was published, reading that “Chloe Arneson, a former news writer, was interviewed for this article. The Peak acknowledges this and has taken steps to prevent conflicts of interest or potential bias from influencing the article.”

In yet another article: “Independent Jewish Voices Canada condemns Selina Robinson’s comments on Palestine,” by News Writer Eden Chipperfield, was little more than a regurgitated press release by the extremist Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) organization.

Furthermore, IJV is a group that deserves no credibility in any publication. One day after Hamas’ October 7 massacres, the group tacitly defended Hamas’ terrorism, saying “We must remind everyone that Palestinians, like any occupied people, ultimately have the right, by international law, to resort to armed violence to resist their occupation – so long as that violence distinguishes between civilians and combatants.”

Despite half-hearted attempts by The Peak to present itself as a respectable journalistic publication, the newspaper has produced a relentless volley of anti-Israel propaganda since October 7, showing that balance, facts and truth apparently all take a back seat to extreme anti-Israel ideology.

On March 19, the newspaper’s front page led with the headline “Peace in Palestine,” and featured an article referring to “Israel’s nightmarish occupation.” In January, two opinion columns were produced lambasting Israel, one of which promoted BDS as “a necessary tool,” and the other accused Israel of carrying out a “genocide” in Gaza.

In November, the newspaper gave uncritical coverage to an American guest speaker on campus who said that Hamas’ genocidal October 7 massacre in Israel shouldn’t be seen “from a settler timeframe,” and that it’s part of a larger context. Such words effectively seek to excuse Hamas terrorism.

Two pages later in the same edition, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Kelly Chia, scandalously wrote that Israel has occupied Palestinian land “for the last 75 years,” referring to Israel’s entire existence after gaining independence in 1948, meaning that all of Israel is illegitimate and illegal.

Other articles in The Peak have accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing” and have uncritically repeated Hamas disinformation without shame.

This latest edition of The Peak is little more than the dissemination of anti-Israel indoctrination under the guise of reporting news.


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