Shree Paradkar Defends Oscar Winner Jonathan Glazer, Who Used Oscar Speech To “Refute” His “Jewishness”

March 15, 2024

In her March 13 opinion column in The Toronto Star entitled: “Post-Oscar Jonathan Glazer and out-of-sight Kate Middleton have this one thing in common,” Shree Paradkar bizarrely equated the disinformation from the British Monarchy about Princess Katherine’s health, with the reaction of the media to the acceptance speech by director Jonathan Glazer at the Academy Awards. With a sickening lack of sensitivity, these two issues of utterly different weights are juxtaposed.

Glazer said, in part: “Right now we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation which has led to conflict for so many innocent people. Whether the victims of October the 7th in Israel or the ongoing attack on Gaza, all the victims of this dehumanization, how do we resist?”

Regarding Glazer’s acceptance speech, she writes, “Though somewhat awkwardly structured, this comment is clearly an appeal for peace from all sides. A man with moral courage standing up to criticize all violence, and to reject the “hijacking” of Jewishness or the horrors of the Holocaust to justify Israel’s illegal occupation and the killing of innocent civilians, Palestinian or Israeli.”

As comfortable and ennobled as she must feel to try to take the moral high ground and to compliment “criticizing all violence” and a call for “peace on both sides”, in doing so, she is guilty of precisely what she protests against: disinformation.

She does not inform her readers of the source of the conflict even once. On October 7, 2023 Hamas terrorists broke the existing ceasefire and invaded Israel, murdering 1,200 innocent people, including women and children – even babies, often in their beds, frequently beheading them. They raped their victims, including laughing while gang raping a young woman, followed by a bullet in her head. They took 253 hostages captive, 130 who are held in subterranean tunnels in Gaza, including women and children. 

Yahye Sinwar, Hamas’s leader, called October 7th “a rehearsal”. Indeed, Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Israel, making no secret of their grand plans. Hamas has no interest in peace, and it strains credulity to believe that anyone, Shree Paradkar included, could believe that the animalistic, coldly calculated perpetrators of October 7 are aiming for peace. On the contrary, Israel has been forced into a war for its own survival.

Hamas terrorists glorify death and do not care for the lives of their own electorate. Their core strategy of using Palestinian human shields is on full display for anyone who cares to pay attention, including having a tunnel hidden by a crib, which demonstrates their disinterest in human life. Paradkar’s inverted attribution of the “unspeakable horrors in Gaza” is another example of her disinformation. Hamas is responsible for the harm on both sides.

There is indisputably a painful cost in war – United Nations data says that 90 percent of casualties in modern warfare are civilians, but even according to Hamas’ fabricated data, the casualty numbers in Gaza are dramatically lower.

Death totals spread by Hamas, via their so-called “Gaza Ministry of Health,” are the exclusive source of all casualty data from Gaza, which are unlikely for a host of reasons. 

Hamas’ death toll increases with a statistically impossible regularity that beggars belief. In addition, video footage from Gaza shows well-stocked markets and plenty of food, and in a remarkable image, a  Gazan resident is seen throwing an American airdropped meal in the trash, more than enough to question Hamas’ report of the scale of suffering in Gaza.

Paradkar also lambasted various sources for misquoting Jonathan Glazer. In sync with her ongoing, numerous anti-Israel themed articles, she failed to understand that one cannot stand in support of Holocaust victims, and against Israel in this war.

The Holocaust was a coldly calculated attempt to entirely destroy the Jews. Hamas is attempting to do the same thing. Israel is fighting in self-defense for its survival against annihilation. Creating a Holocaust film and criticizing Israel’s right to self-defense is an oxymoron, as well as moronic.

Paradkar wrote that the message of Glazer’s Holocaust film is to show, “how dehumanization allows ordinary people to accept horrific violence against others.” But even as Israel dares to defend itself against a genocidal enemy intent on repeating the Holocaust, Paradkar wags her finger in snide disapproval.

However, in one respect, Paradkar is correct. The onus “to be factual” is on the media. Unfortunately in her obfuscation of the facts and inversion of responsibility for the war, she has a long way to go to come close to her own standard.


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