Regina Leader-Post Publishes Front-Page Article Reporting On A 20-Person Anti-Israel Protest, While Ignoring Organizer’s Radical Anti-Israel Hate

Another day, another tiny anti-Israel protest being given breathless coverage in the Canadian news media.

In a June 27 front-page article published in The Regina Leader-Post entitled: “Demonstrators demand Regina take action as city hall protesters denounce genocide,” author Larissa Kurz reported on a group of approximately 20 anti-Israel protesters in the Saskatchewan capital of Regina.

Beyond raising questions as to how such a marginal group merited to be given a lengthy news article, Kurz’s report also repeated terminology used by the protesters, referring to their “strong anti-genocide message,” blurring the line between reporting and stenography.

Kurz quoted one protester as alleging that they were demonstrating “against settler colonialism,” another who falsely accused Israel of perpetrating “starvation tactics in Gaza,” and another who dishonestly repeated the lie that Israel commits genocide.

Yet for all the absurd propaganda against Israel given a platform in her article, not once did Kurz provide readers with any semblance of balance, context or opposing voices.

At one point, Kurz quoted one protester who had cited “a ruling from the International Court of Justice finding Israel may ‘plausibly’ be using starvation as a weapon in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.”

While anti-Israel protesters regularly make outlandish claims, it is absurd that Kurz would repeat their particular interpretation as if it were somehow an accurate representation of current events.

Despite widely claiming that the International Court of Justice stated that Israel was “plausibly” committing genocide, that is a demonstrable falsehood, which has been corrected by none other than Joan Donoghue, the president of the world court at the time of the interim judgment earlier this year.

Yet at no time did Kurz fact-check the protester’s claims, instead transforming them from a quote into a factual statement without any sourcing or accuracy.

Despite framing the protesters as simply being pro-Palestinian activists, the group which organized the small protest, Palestine Solidary Regina, has made hateful social media posts recently.

In one May 30 post on their Instagram page, the group referred to Israel’s “76-year-old regime of settler-colonial apartheid.” While those words may look like run-of-the-mill anti-Israel buzzwords, by referring to 76 years, the group is tacitly endorsing the dissolution of Israel, which gained its independence 76 years ago.

The group has also posted updates to social media calling for illegal blockades of railroads in Regina, but rather than providing any background to readers about the radical views of this fringe group, Kurz provided the public with a sympathetic play-by-play of their antics.

Had Kurz provided an honest background on Palestine Solidarity Regina, readers could have been given an unvarnished picture of pro-Palestinian radicals, but instead she opted to whitewash their protest.

Incredibly, this article by The Regina Leader-Post is hardly alone in producing a free press release for tiny anti-Israel protests.

A pair of Quebec newspapers recently produced such free advertising for a miniscule 15-person protest in that province, CTV News Kitchener has also produced several similar reports, and The Toronto Star – Canada’s largest-circulation daily newspaper – recently published a massive feature-length article on the three dozen or so anti-Israel protesters at the University of Toronto, most of whom are not thought to be students at all.

This Regina Leader-Post article gave undeserved coverage to a tiny fringe group, repeated their accusations and framed them as accurate statements, and worst of all, failed to tell readers about the radical nature of the organization which planned the protest.


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