Radical Anti-Israel University Professor Joins CBC Radio Program Twice In Five Weeks To Make Outlandish Accusations

June 11, 2024

A recent segment on CBC radio was framed as an analysis of an interim judgment from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, but was instead a one-sided hit job on Israel.

The 7.5 minute-long segment on “Up To Speed with Faith Fundal,” broadcast on May 28, featured guest host Emily Brass speaking with Nathan Derejko, assistant professor of law at the University of Manitoba and a vocal anti-Israel activist on social media. Just over a month earlier, Derejko was a guest on the same radio program to discuss the same topic, where he demanded that Canada investigate citizens who joined the Israeli military.

Listen to the full segment:

The interview began with Brass falsely telling listeners that “an Israeli airstrike on a tent camp…left dozens of people dead,” according to “Palestinian health officials.” Israeli officials have stated, backed up by satellite imagery, that preliminary investigations show that their military did not strike a tent camp, but a Hamas target some 600 feet away (using precise munitions), and how IDF believe a Hamas arms depot was located there, and this caused secondary explosions which explains the fire that killed Palestinian civilians.

A listener joining the interview midway through could have mistaken Derejko for an anti-Israel campus occupier, when he made outlandish demands that included “recalling the ambassador of Israel to Canada, imposing economic sanctions” on Jerusalem, and making reference to “atrocity crimes that Israel is carrying out,” while finding himself unable to cite any examples of Israel’s supposed “atrocity crimes.”

Demonstrating a childish ignorance of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Derejko said that “The international community has been clear since 1948 and 1967 that two states…was the necessary basis for peace and justice.”

What Derejko is either unaware or otherwise choosing to hide from listeners is that in 1947, when the United Nations Partition Plan was presented – which severed most of historical Israel – the Jewish delegation accepted it, while the Arab delegation rejected it, instead launching a war of annihilation on Israel when it became independent the following year.

Derejko ignored the obvious reality that there would be in existence today a Palestinian state had the Arab parties in 1947 accepted it from the United Nations, an offer made again by Israel in subsequent years, an outreach which was once again met not with acceptance, but murderous violence.

However, Brass failed to point out this obvious gap in Derejko’s statement, instead allowing his revisionist history to stand unchallenged.

Derejko’s comments during the segment reflected more than just ignorance or a selective desire to share the truth; he also appeared to suggest that Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, was not quite as bad as it seems.

As the interview wound down, Derejko jettisoned any veneer of credibility and analysis when he launched into a tirade, where he praised anti-Israel occupiers present on a number of university campuses, who have engaged in violence, hate speech and glorification of Palestinian terrorism.

Derejko told Brass that “the future lies in the youth of the world who are standing up and speaking out…and they’ve had enough,” adding that “what brings me hope” are “the encampments.”

Beyond his appalling defence of hateful mobs who have physically blocked Jewish students and faculty from entering areas on campus, Derejko’s doe-eyed description of “the youth of the world who are standing up” bears no resemblance to reality.

Across all of Canada, the campus occupations he so enthusiastically endorsed are where no more than a couple hundred students – out of 1.5 million university students in total – have protested, showing that far from being a widely-accepted cause, the Hamas-Israel war remains largely peripheral in the real world.

Why did the CBC radio program Up To Speed with Faith Fundal decide to invite the same radical anti-Israel guest within five weeks to spew his nonsensical demands? We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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