Palestinian Activist Justifies Hamas Terrorism, Telling CBC News Interviewer That When Palestinians “Get Fed Up…They Bite Back”

October 9, 2023

Less than two days after a massive Hamas-coordinated terrorist attack on Israel, which claimed the lives of at least 800 innocent Israelis, in addition to thousands more injured and an estimated 100+ hostages taken to Hamas-controlled Gaza, some news media outlets have already shifted into moral equivocation.

On October 8, CBC News anchor Natasha Fatah interviewed Ramsey Zeid, the President of the Canadian Palestinian Association of Manitoba, in a segment which was also posted online under the title “Years of oppression led to Hamas attacks, says Canadian Palestinian.”

During the interview, Zeid told Fatah that Hamas’ unprovoked murderous rampage on Israeli civilians was “not a random attack like everybody’s saying,” but in fact a natural reaction to alleged Israeli actions.

Zeid continued by saying that because Gaza is “surrounded by a wall and a barbed fence, and that has only one way in and one way out, and when you treat people like that, when you back them into a corner, it’s just a matter of time before they get fed up and they bite back.”

This statement which justified Hamas’ pogrom and massacre of 800+ Israelis went completely unchallenged by the CBC’s anchor.

There are three major problems with Zeid’s claim that that the massive Hamas terrorist attack was a logical consequence of Israel building a “wall and…barbed fence” around Gaza.

First, Israel constructed a separation barrier along its boundary with the Gaza Strip, as is its right, given that Israel does not occupy a single inch of the coastal enclave. But Israel does not control all of Gaza’s boundaries; Gaza’s southwestern border is with Egypt, not Israel, and thus Israel cannot be held responsible for the Gaza-Egyptian boundary.

Secondly, the Hamas attack on October 7 demonstrated the necessity– of Israel’s barrier with the Gaza Strip. Though it obviously failed to stop the terrorist attack, the need for the barrier is self-evident, given the presence of Hamas terrorists on the other side.

Finally, notwithstanding all the falsehoods stated by Zeid, none of these excuse or justify in any way the actions taken by Hamas, including firing thousands of rockets indiscriminately at Israeli population centres, the sexual assaults filmed by Hamas against Israeli women in southern Israel, the murdering of innocent civilians, and abduction of young children into Gaza.

These unspeakable actions deserve no explanation or context; they are acts of mass murder committed by a genocidal terrorist organization.

But during his interview, Zeid complained about the support expressed for Israel by Canadian politicians, lamenting to Fatah that “it all seems really one-sided.” While Zeid is correct that Canada’s political leaders have indeed uniformly spoken out in support of Israel, this should come as no surprise. Hamas launched an unprovoked attack not on a military target, but on innocent civilians, men, women, and children, conducting summary executions of individuals in front of family members, and dragging others into an uncertain future in the Gaza Strip as human shields.

Against such incomprehensible terrorism, there are no two sides; merely Israel, the victim, and Hamas, the theocratic, Islamist terrorist group, the aggressor.

Pending Israel’s expected large-scale retaliation against Hamas targets in Gaza, it will be Hamas, not Israel, who is ultimately responsible for the subsequent suffering, and it is towards Hamas that Zeid’s ire should be focused once Palestinian civilians suffer as a result of the terrorist group’s actions.

Such whitewashing and excusing of Palestinian terrorism has no place anywhere in the Canadian news media and CBC Anchor Natasha Fatah was derelict in her duties in not challenging Zeid’s inflammatory comments justifying Palestinian terrorism against Israeli innocents.


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