Open Letter From UBC Alumni Calls For “Free Palestine” From the River To The Sea; CTV News Vancouver Ignores Their Hateful Speech

As the illegal occupation of university campuses continues by anti-Israel activists throughout the Western world, new evidence shows that the organizers of those encampments find themselves in the decided minority of Canadians.

In a new poll produced by Leger, half of Canadians say they oppose the anti-Israel protests, while a much smaller number – just over three in ten – say they are supportive.

However, in an attempt to falsely portray the fringe activists as representing a larger proportion of Canadians, a recent open letter is being shared by a group of alumni and staff at the University of British Columbia (UBC) entitled: “UBC Alumni and Workers Stand with Student Encampment for Gaza.”

In the letter, the signatories repeat some of the favourite allegations leveled by anti-Israel activists, including accusing the country of genocide and repeatedly accusing Israel of being a “settler colonial” state, a truly ludicrous accusation given that Jews are indigenous peoples of the country.

The letter claimed that “over 35,000 Palestinians have been killed, including at least 15,000 children,” and states authoritatively that “every day 100 children are killed in Gaza.”

Whether out of extreme malice or lamentable ignorance, or a toxic combination thereof, the authors of the open letter shamelessly regurgitated Hamas propaganda without honestly stating that the source – and indeed, the only source – of all casualty data comes from Hamas, via its so-called “Gaza Ministry of Health.”

Not only is Hamas a genocidal Islamic terrorist group, it is also a skilled disseminator of disinformation around the world, and the group does not distinguish between civilians and Hamas fighters, nor between those killed in Israeli strikes or by errant Palestinian rockets. Moreover, in April, the terrorist group quietly revised its numbers, making them even more suspect.

Most heinously, the letter concluded by saying “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a statement that unambiguously refers to a yearning for the destruction of Israel.

Despite the authors of the open letter brazenly sharing Hamas propaganda and presenting it as fact, their disinformation has gained enough credibility to be given coverage by CTV News Vancouver.

In a May 6 article entitled: “B.C.’s human rights commissioner calls on universities to protect student protesters,” reporter Kaija Jussinoja wrote that “on Monday, an open letter supporting the encampment at UBC was sent to administration. The publicly available document has been signed by over 1,000 self-identified UBC alumni and current or former staff.”

While that brief description is correct, Jussinoja omitted many key elements of the letter, namely its call for the destruction of Israel.

As anti-Israel activists on university campuses struggle in the face of growing public opposition to their antics, it is hardly surprising to see open letters which play fast and loose with the facts. What is deeply regrettable is how easily their disinformation is uncritically reported by some news media outlets, in this case CTV News Vancouver.


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