On Newstalk 1010, Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz Was Asked About Montreal Synagogue Shooting & Instead of Condemning Attacks, She Bizarrely Cited Many Are “Frustrated” War With Hamas Continues

On the morning of May 30, Liberal Member of Parliament representing Davenport, Julie Dzerowicz, was a guest on Newstalk 1010 to discuss misspelled anti-Israel graffiti that had been sloppily spray painted on her constituency office days earlier.

Listen to the segment now:

During the conversation, the host asked Dzerowicz to comment on the antisemitic attacks, and posed the following question to the MP:

“We have another school having been fired upon, somebody fired a bullet into a Jewish school in Montreal. What is to be done about this issue?”

Rather than condemning the pervasive atmosphere enabled by authorities in permitting hateful pro-Hamas protests and campus occupations, or even simply speaking out against Jew-hatred in general, Dzerowicz provided only the weakest non-answer saying that:

 “I think we need to continue to communicate…I think that what’s frustrating for many Canadians is that, despite calling for a ceasefire, despite calling for an end to what’s happening in Gaza, it seems a lot of people frustrated that you know that things continue to escalate and their more deaths can continue.”

Instead of taking the opportunity to condemn pervasive violence targeting Canada’s Jewish community – a soft-ball that was lobbed by Newstalk 1010’s host – Dzerowicz opted to tacitly explain it away as being a result of a “frustrating” feeling about a war on the other side of the world.

The closest that Dzerowicz came to condemning anti-Jewish hate was simply to say that “as politicians, what we do is we can communicate what is what’s the difference between peaceful protests and not peaceful protests, and I think we can continue to indicate what it is,” before continuing to boast about how the Trudeau government is “focused on getting Palestinian Canadians and their families out” of Gaza and into Canada.

Make no mistake, holding Canadian Jews collectively responsible for the actions Israel takes or doesn’t take, is antisemitic.

Instead of condemning violence targeting Canada’s Jewish community, Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz bizarrely claimed that many people are “frustrated” by the ongoing Hamas-Israel war, a tacit excusing of hateful violence targeting Canadian Jews.


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