Mount Royal University Professor Tells Global News That Hamas’ Terror Attack An “Expression of Desperation”

October 9, 2023

Mark Muhannad Ayyash is a professor of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, and one of Canada’s most prominent peddlers of anti-Israel disinformation and hate.

Ayyash has published opinion columns on Al Jazeera falsely accusing Israel of attacking Palestinian worshippers on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and has claimed that Israel expelled 750,000 Palestinians to create the Jewish State, when in reality many were forced by Arab leaders to leave.

More recently, in the spring of 2023, Ayyash nominated one of the world’s most heinous proponents of antisemitic propaganda, Mohammed El-Kurd, for the “Calgary Peace Prize.” El-Kurd has previously posted antisemitic tropes on social media, as well as posts glorifying Palestinian terrorism against Israelis.

And now, Ayyash has weighed in on Hamas’ recent murderous terrorist attack against Israeli civilians.

In an interview with Global News in Calgary on October 8, Ayyash said that “this latest operation is an expression of their (Palestinians) desperation, to say ‘if we’re going to be erased from the map, then we’re not going to go quietly into the night.’”

Though Ayyash has consistently found new lows to descend into, this may set a new record.

Hamas’ terror attack, termed ‘operation’ by Ayyash – borrowing a term used by Hamas to describe their murders – was not an expression of desperation. Rather, it was an expression of their fanatical Islamist ideology, namely to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic theocracy.

Israel does not occupy a single inch of the Gaza Strip, and Hamas – which has controlled the enclave since seizing it in a violent coup in 2007 – has continued to use the strip as a launching pad for rocket fire against Israel, and now, in the single bloodiest attack against the Jewish State in decades.

It is Hamas which has sought to erase Israel from the map, and this latest horrific attack – targeting innocent men, women and children for death – is irrefutable proof of the group’s medieval ideology. By falsely claiming that Israel is attempting to erase Palestinians from the map, Ayyash is bewilderingly using Hamas’ attack on Israel as an excuse to blame the Jewish State.

In his comments, Ayyash continued by saying that “This system creates their decision as a rational choice, so if you have a problem with what they did, your problem is with the system, not with what they did.”

It is unclear what “system” Ayyash is referring to exactly, but ultimately, it is irrelevant. Israel does not occupy Gaza, and even if it did, that would not represent in any way a rationale for the gunning down and massacring of hundreds of innocent people.

There is no excuse for the methodical targeting and murder of innocent civilians whose only crime was being Jewish and living in Israel. By stating that “the system,” and not the murderous Hamas terrorists, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israeli civilians, represents an Orwellian turning of truth upside down.

Hamas is a banned terrorist organization according to the Canadian government, and for good reason. Ayyash’s recent media interview with Global News represents a whitewashing of the terrorist group’s activities, and as such, should never be cited or interviewed by any legitimate news publication in Canada.


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