McGill Daily Ignores Hamas’ Ideology And Goals, Calls For A Halt To Israel’s Counter-Terrorist Operations

November 1, 2023

In an October 30 editorial by The McGill Daily entitled: “Against Violence in Israel and Gaza,” the student newspaper’s editorial board wrote that “all governments should be calling for a ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas, and that Canada should cease its sale of military equipment to Israel.

While the concept of a cessation of hostilities may sound appealing, in reality, a ceasefire would be a tremendous gift to Hamas, and a body blow to any cause of long-term peace, both for Israelis and Palestinians.

Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamist terrorist organization, is more than just a terrorist organization. Since taking over Gaza in 2007, it has ruled the coastal enclave with an iron fist, effectively transforming the small strip of land into a terrorist statelet used to fire thousands of rockets into Israel, and to carry out its heinous attack on October 7, the worst massacre against Jews since the Holocaust ended in 1945.

Since Hamas’ unprecedented and unprovoked mega-terrorist attack on southern Israel in early October, where the group massacred 1,400 Israelis in cold blood, Israel has sought to destroy Hamas’ capabilities by targeting its leaders, weapons caches and rockets.

Hamas, which in its founding charter spelled out explicitly its goal to destroy Israel through violent means, and replace it with a theocratic Islamic State-style caliphate, is a close ideological cousin of Nazism, which sought to murder every Jew in the world.

Videos, images and testimonials from Hamas’ October 7 massacre demonstrate the level of Hamas’ inhumanity and cruelty, and show that Hamas cannot be reasoned with, negotiated with, or met halfway.

Against an enemy who is so fanatically and ideologically committed to Israel’s total destruction as Hamas, what alternatives does the Jewish State have but to pursue the terrorist group’s dismantling?

No policy change on Israel’s part can possibly satisfy Hamas’ bloodlust, and the only obstacle standing between Hamas and the deaths of literally millions of Israelis, is the Israel Defense Forces.

Seemingly oblivious to Hamas’ ideology or its stated goals, the editorial continues by writing that “The rhetoric that Israel has a ‘right to self-defense’ has been used to justify the Israeli military’s continued assault on the civilian population of Gaza.”

Despite the remarkable claim that Israel is intentionally assaulting the civilian population in Gaza, the Israeli military has exercised remarkable focus, targeting only terrorist infrastructure, and – unlike Hamas – not innocent civilians.

Incredulously, Hamas has also shown zero interest in protecting Gaza’s civilians. Whether by basing its terrorist headquarters under Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, putting thousands of patients and staff at direct risk, or physically preventing residents of Gaza City from fleeing areas of fighting, Hamas has shown that it will eagerly sacrifice the lives of its own people, with no concern for human life on either side.

If the Editorial Board at The McGill Daily was concerned about the loss of life in Israel and the Gaza Strip, it would be calling for the immediate elimination of Hamas as a terrorist entity. A ceasefire does nothing but embolden Hamas, and show the terrorist group that it can carry out mass murder, and then continue governing Gaza’s 2.3 million people, and threatening Israel, without any long-term consequences.

Calling for a ceasefire is worse than no solution at all; it represents a total capitulation to a demonic terrorist organization whose fanaticism means it will stop at literally nothing in its quest to carry out a genocide against Jews.

Less than 80 years after the end of the Holocaust, Israel cannot possibly tolerate an ongoing threat to its people. Once and for all, Hamas must be destroyed.


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