McGill Daily Editorial Calls On Students To Support Heinous Anti-Israel Student Government Policy

November 29, 2023

In an editorial published November 18 titled: “Vote YES for the Policy Against Genocide in Palestine,” which appeared in The McGill Daily, a student newspaper at McGill University, the newspaper’s editorial board called on readers to vote in favour of a student government referendum supporting the “Policy Against Genocide in Palestine.”

The policy, which was drafted by three students, is a cornucopia of nonsensical anti-Israel allegations, falsehoods and outlandish misinformation.

For example, the policy states that “Since October 7th 2023, Israeli forces have waged a relentless, indiscriminate, genocidal bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip, murdering over 7,500 Palestinians, including over 3,000 children.”

The policy also claims that “food, water, medicine, fuel, electricity and any other essentials of life have been completely cut off from the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces.” The policy not only ignores Hamas’ theft of international humanitarian aid, it also chooses to not tell readers about the huge amount of humanitarian aid which has entered Gaza since October 7.

Consequently, the policy calls on the university to “publicly condemn the genocidal bombing campaigns” and “condemning the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza.”

Unsurprisingly, nowhere in the policy do its authors ever acknowledge Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group which launched the current war, or what took place on October 7.

This purposeful omission of Hamas and its October 7 terrorist attack, when members of the terrorist group invaded southern Israel, and proceeded to torture, rape, murder and dismember the bodies of more than 1,200 Israelis – in addition to taking hundreds more hostage – is so absurd it should be treated with the utmost contempt.

Any statement which refuses to ever mention Hamas, let alone condemn its grotesque massacre, is akin to a policy condemning the Allied war in Europe during World War Two, all while managing to somehow avoid any mention of the Nazis.

But for the editorial board of The McGill Daily, this evidently presents no problem at all, given that they write that “the Daily’s editorial board endorses an emphatic YES vote for the adoption” of the policy.

Like the policy, the editorial falsely referred to the “genocide in Gaza,” which is not only unfounded and entirely without merit, but is an attack on the very meaning of the term. Genocide refers to the wholesale attempted extermination of a people. In Gaza, Israel has taken significant steps to minimize civilian casualties, including warning civilians in advance, sending enormous amounts of humanitarian aid, and sending Israeli troops on the ground, where they are in harm’s way.

Accusing Israel of genocide, not only in the total absence of any evidence to support it, but with the preponderance of proof demonstrating unequivocally the complete opposite, is more than ignorant, it is dangerously irresponsible.

Neither the editorial, nor the policy which it wrote in support of, mention the dramatic rise in antisemitic attacks throughout North America and Europe since October 7, with false accusations that Israel is committing genocide only help to perpetuate.

It is Hamas, not Israel, which is guilty of attempted genocide. Hamas explicitly calls for the violent destruction of Israel, and replacing it with an Islamic State-style Islamic dictatorship. The terrorist group’s founding charter does not mince words, nor do its leaders, who made no secret that their goal is the annihilation of Israel.

A cursory glance at this heinous anti-Israel policy, as well as The McGill Daily’s editorial in support of the policy, show that for these authors, facts don’t matter. That’s no surprise, but even worse, it’s clear that for them, Israeli lives don’t matter one iota either. That is more than just ignorant; it’s morally repugnant.


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