Introducing The Grind Magazine, A Free Magazine Peddling Anti-Israel Propaganda

The Grind Magazine, a free publication available in nearly 300 locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), describes itself as an “independent magazine telling important stories, calling out injustice, and being a voice for workers.”

In reality, the magazine, which launched in 2022, is showing itself to be little more than a run-of-the-mill anti-Israel rag, producing intellectually lazy hit pieces on Israel, masquerading as thoughtful journalism, as a number of recent submissions demonstrate.

A May 21 column entitled: “Palestine and the Pen,” by Kagiso Lesogo Molope, a writer who was widely booed as she attempted to use her platform at an Ottawa gala to demonize Israel, wrote about her experience, complaining about how her rant was “met with a lot of heckling and swearing,” before being booted from the event.

Rather than expressing any self-reflection about her antics, Lesogo Molope, like many anti-Israel activists, attempted to portray herself as a victim, trying to raise awareness for “a genocide,” an absurd and utterly irresponsible allegation to make, given that Israel has taken unprecedented steps to minimize civilian casualties in Gaza.

An earlier column published on May 2 entitled: “Ontario Nurses’ Association Must Speak Out Against Gaza Atrocities,” was penned by an anonymous author purporting to be “rank and file nurses.”

In their commentary, the author(s) “demand the Ontario Nurses’ Association support the campaign of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel until the latter abides by international law.”

Though failing, predictably, to spell out in what respect Israel is supposedly violating international law, the column instead listed the unverified Hamas-parroted casualty figures as evidence of Israel’s alleged misdeeds, without pointing out the extent to which Israel has avoided civilian casualties by providing advance warning, a nearly-unprecedented act in modern warfare.

The column called for a ceasefire in Gaza, all while choosing to not mention Hamas a single time, nor the Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, as if Israel was simply bombing targets in Gaza for no ostensible reason.

Disingenously, the column then claimed that Israel “is plausibly committing genocide,” a presumed reference to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). However, the world court never made any such claim, a point that the ICJ’s recently-retired president made clear before the author(s) published this dishonest column.

Just two weeks before that, another column entitled: “The Deep Roots of Today’s Anti-Palestinian Racism,” saw authors Fernando Arce and David Gray-Donald add their voices to the attempt to label critics of pro-Palestinian propaganda as racists, a common tactic among anti-Israel activists.

The authors listed examples of alleged “anti-Palestinian racism” as “silencing or excluding Palestinians; defaming Palestinians as antisemitic, terrorists, or terrorist sympathizers; and erasing Palestinians and their history.”

In essence, Arce and Gray-Donald sweepingly sought to make any criticism of Palestinian propaganda into forbidden speech, calling it racist. Yet, in a truly remarkable lack of self-awareness, the pair claimed that this “racism” seeks to “shut down any kind of conversation about, much less any solidarity with, Palestine or Palestinians,” when that is precisely what their effort is trying to do – stifle any opposition.

The Grind Magazine, rather than providing meaningful insights, instead offered the most puerile and childish allegations against Israel without any attempt at intellectual honesty.


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