In The Conversation Column, Sociology Lecturer Ignorantly Labels Israel A “Settler-Colonial” State

June 24, 2024

One of the favourite tactics of anti-Israel activists, in attempting to spread their nonsensical anti-Israel disinformation, is rote repetition of meaningless phrases in the attempt to give them credibility.

A June 18 opinion column entitled: “Canada’s settler colonial violence in three acts: Calls for solidarity on National Indigenous Peoples Day,” published in, by Katie MacDonald, an associate professor of sociology at Athabasca University, demonstrated this strategy well.

MacDonald, part of a long line of sociology lecturers to pen asinine anti-Israel drivel in the Canadian news media, mentioned the phrase “settler colonial” 14 times in her screed, used National Indigenous Peoples Day to lambaste Israel, perhaps the best contemporary example of decolonization in modern history, and instead had the temerity to accuse Israel of being a “settler colonial” state.

MacDonald wrote that “in Palestine, settler colonial violence has involved the destruction of homes since the onset of the Nakba.”

What MacDonald dishonestly hid from readers is that “the Nakba,” the hateful expression used by anti-Israel activists, which means “catastophe” in Arabic and which refers to Israel’s independence in 1948 as an event worth mourning, took place because following Israel’s independence, the country was attacked by neighbouring Arab country, seeking to annihilate the newly reborn Jewish State.

One cannot – without abandoning intellectual honesty, as MacDonald has – lay the blame for the consequences of Israel’s War of Independence without even so much as acknowledging that it was Israel’s Arab neighbours who started the war in an unprovoked act of genocidal intent.

Consequently, losing a war that one started does not classify as “settler colonialism.” In reality, it would be best classified under “actions that have consequences.”

That lesson applies just as aptly to Gaza, where MacDonald alleged that the same ethereal “settler colonialism” culprit is at play, “through the ongoing destruction of Gaza, the displacement of two million people and the deaths of more than 35,000 Palestinians.”

It goes without saying that MacDonald deliberately refused to utter the name of Hamas, the Islamic genocidal terrorist organization that on October 7, launched the current war with its murderous rampage in southern Israel, and which continues to hold nearly 120 Israeli hostages whom it kidnapped on that day more than eight months ago.

Nor did MacDonald even bother to share that the claim of “35,000 Palestinians” dead comes only from Hamas, is unverified, and does not include the likely half of whom were combatants, and scores more who were collaborators with Hamas, including those who actively held kidnapped Israelis hostage.

MacDonald’s breathtaking duplicity – or simple ignorance, if she is to be given a modicum of benefit of the doubt – doesn’t just focus on events in the Middle East, but also in Canada, where she assailed the actions of the University of Alberta and University of Calgary to dismantle an anti-Israel campus occupation, saying the schools have “come under intense scrutiny for violently dismantling solidarity encampments.”

Whatever “intense scrutiny” those schools have faced from apologists for lawlessness, they pale in comparison to the enormous scrutiny faced on the hapless university administrators at the University of Toronto, McGill University and others who have allowed hateful, pro-terrorist mobs to violently take over spaces, in what could reasonably be called an act of settler colonialism.

Katie MacDonald’s column seeks to weaponize the term “settler colonialism,” using it to further her radical anti-Israel agenda in a dishonest assault on the truth.

For its part,, a news outlet that receives Canadian government funding from the Canada Periodical Fund, the government of Quebec, and scores of Canadian universities, gave her a platform to spread false information and anti-Israel propaganda.


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