In The Conversation, A Pair Of University Academics Claim That Trudeau’s Alleged Support For Israel Betrays Palestinians

March 14, 2024

In their March 12 opinion column in entitled: “Canada’s inaction in Gaza marks a failure of its feminist foreign policy,” Jacqueline Potvin, a Research Associate at Western University’s School of Nursing, and Mayme Lefurgey, a Research Fellow at the University of New Brunswick’s Department of Sociology, claimed that insufficient opposition to Israel by the Trudeau government somehow constitutes a failure to defend feminism.

Potvin and Lefurgey’s logic is as follows: the Trudeau government, despite its vote in favour of a ceasefire at the United Nations (UN) in November, and continued funding to UNRWA, the disgraced agency with ties to Palestinian terrorism, fails to support feminist ideals because Ottawa permits the “continued sale of military equipment to Israel.”

The pair argue that the safety of women in Gaza is in peril as a result of “Israel’s bombardment and tightened blockade,” which they claimed “has killed more than 31,000 people, most of whom are women and children.”

But there are more than a few problems with this allegation.

Not only did Potvin and Lefurgey obscure the source of all Gaza casualty data, Hamas, via its so-called “Gaza Ministry of Health,” which neither distinguishes between civilians and combatants, nor whether the cause is Israeli strikes or errant Palestinian rockets, they also failed to share that Israel states that 13,000 Hamas fighters have been killed in the war, hardly innocent civilians.

Most fatally, the claim that 31,000 people, “most of whom are women and children,” have been killed, is almost certainly false, just on purely statistical grounds, given that Hamas alleges that the daily death count increases almost perfectly day after day, and on the days when Hamas claims many women were killed, the number of children does not similarly increase.

That there is a humanitarian problem in Gaza is not necessarily in question, but Potvin and Lefurgey’s commentary falsely pointed the finger exclusively at Israel, when the true culprit is Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist organization.

Hamas is responsible for the plight of the population of Gaza, not only because it launched the current war with an unprovoked massacre in Israel on October 7, but also because it continues to hold 134 Israelis hostage, intentionally perpetuating the war.

Regrettably, the condition of these hostages, including women, are not acknowledged once in the commentary, showing that the lives of some women are evidently more important than others.

Potvin and Lefurgey claimed that the population of Gaza lives “under constant threat and without access to basic medical aid, food and water.”

This is demonstrably false. If it were even remotely true, every man, woman and child in Gaza would have died of starvation many months ago, which manifestly has not happened, even according to Hamas’ own fantastical propaganda.

Instead, since the war began, more than 16,000 trucks filled with humanitarian aid, including food, water and medical supplies, have been sent into Gaza, and in recent weeks, airdrops have augmented these deliveries, with Israel saying “there is no limit” to the amount of aid that can be delivered, calling on the United Nations to increase its cooperation.

Video footage from inside the Gaza Strip, meanwhile, shows a very different reality than the one presented by the commentators, displaying markets with food and shoppers. While this may not be the case in every corner of Gaza, it certainly is the case in some places in the coastal territory.

The ongoing Hamas-Israel war, like any armed conflict, is undoubtedly causing hardship to the population of Gaza, who, like the innocent kidnapped from Israel on October 7, are being held hostage by the fanatical Hamas terrorist group

But the key to Gaza’s freedom is not being held by Israel, which is pursuing its legitimate and just effort to free its hostages and topple the Hamas regime.

Freedom for Gaza’s population is entirely up to Hamas, and whether it decides to end the suffering of its people or perpetuate it for its own ideological reasons. Tragically, Potvin and Lefurgey, rather than demonstrating the moral clarity to identify Hamas as the culprit, instead decide on the convenient, but ultimately false, target of Israel.


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