Hill Times Columnist Repeats Hamas Disinformation At Length

January 23, 2024

In her January 17 opinion column in The Hill Times entitled: “The Islamophobic silence is deafening,”  Erica Ifill, an “anti-oppression journalist and economist,” lambasted the Canadian political establishment for what she terms the insufficient condemnation of Islamophobia,  labelling the Liberal Party as being “blood-thirsty and Islamophobic,” and claimed that “Palestinian and Arab traumas been ignored (and) they have been supported by the ruling class with misinformation” in Canada.

Ifill cited the pro-Israel efforts of two Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs), Anthony Housefather and Marco Mendicino as the most “egregious examples” of her argument, but chooses not to mention other Members of Parliament in the same part, including Salma Zahid, Yasir Naqvi, and Shafqat Ali, who have expressed anti-Israel views.

Throughout her column, Ifill throws more nonsensical and unsubstantiated claims at readers, all while providing no context.

She referred to Israel’s “massacre of Palestinians in Gaza,” mentions “24,100 Palestinians” having been killed.

What Ifill did not share, whether out of deliberate omission or ignorance it is not clear, is that casualty data from the Gaza Strip comes from Hamas, the genocidal Islamic terrorist group, via its so-called “Gaza Ministry of Health.”

Neither Hamas nor Ifill share the breakdown of how many deaths are terrorist combatants, of which close to 10,000 are estimated to be Hamas terrorist combatants. Scores more are likely killed by errant Palestinian rockets fired from within Gaza and which fell onto Palestinians, but these casualties are counted all under the same rubric.

More scandalously, Ifill said nothing about Israel’s extensive efforts to minimize Palestinian civilian casualties, including steps to warn Palestinians before air strikes. It is thus no surprise that the current combatant to civilian ratio is likely far lower than any other conflict in modern history. Unsurprisingly, Ifill does not disclose this.

While Ifill describes herself as a journalist, she demonstrates a remarkable ability to gullibly accept anti-Israel claims without question, stating authoritatively that “117 journalists have been killed by Israeli strikes.” But as investigative journalist David Collier has found in his exhaustive study, not only is there no evidence that many of these casualties were ever “journalists,” large numbers of them appear to have extensive involvement with Hamas, as their social media channels showed.

Ifill cited South Africa’s past apartheid history as giving credibility to its crusade against Israel. But by the same logic, Germany knows better than any country what genocide actually looks like, and has rightly vehemently condemned South Africa’s genocide claims.

On social media, Ifill has praised violent acts of arson in France, saying “this is the energy we need in this country,” and ended her column by writing that “you reap what you sow, and reaping peace starts with a ceasefire and ends with liberation.”

Yet Ifill’s bravado quickly dissipated when it comes to Israel fighting a jihadist terror group, and instead of advocating for Israel’s right and responsibility to defend itself, demands that it cease its counter-terrorism efforts.

Hamas launched the current war on October 7 when thousands of its terrorists rampaged through southern Israel, torturing, raping, murdering and kidnapping as many innocent Israelis as they could possibly find.

If Ifill is right about anything, it is that “you reap what you sow,” and since October 7, Israel is showing Hamas that it cannot seek to destroy Israel without consequence. Hamas is currently reaping what it had sowed.

Hamas started the war, and until the terror group can no longer pose a serious threat to Israel, there should be no ceasefire with a maniacal organization that seeks to commit genocide.


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