Gwynne Dyer Column Claims Israel Fighting Hamas & Hezbollah Purely For Political Gain

January 18, 2024

In yet another opinion column lambasting Israel for its counter-terrorism operations in the Gaza Strip, London-based commentator Gwynne Dyer accuses Israel of carrying out perpetual war in the territory for purely political purposes.

In his column, “Israel, and Biden, held hostage,” which was published January 5 in The Telegram, Dyer claims that “the ‘existence’ of Israel is in no danger whatsoever” from Hamas or any other party, but that Israel is pursuing war in Gaza and in Lebanon against Hezbollah only as a means to prop up the Netanyahu government.

Notwithstanding the dissatisfaction in most of Israel for the Netanyahu government, there is widespread recognition in Israel that the war against Hamas, a genocidal and medieval death-cult dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel, is both moral and necessary.

The world witnessed on October 7 that Hamas possesses more than just a fanatical ideology, but also the means to carry out mass murder, striking deep into the heart of Israel. Over the last 20 years, Hamas’ military capabilities have dramatically increased.

As Hamas continued to rule over Gaza, using the territory’s 2.3 million people as human pawns in its ongoing war on Israel, its strength continued to grow.

In 2001, Hamas’ rockets barely cleared Gaza at all, according to an analysis by the New York Times. By 2014, Hamas’ rockets could strike northern Israel, about 150 kilometres away. Hamas also significantly increased its ability to fire faster. In 2014, Hamas fired roughly 90 rockets per day into Israel. Just seven years later, that number had jumped to almost 400.

In recent days, Israeli soldiers in Gaza have discovered evidence that the group was in the process of developing advanced precision-guided cruise missiles, in what would fundamentally alter their ability to wage war on Israel.

While Dyer accuses Israel of warmongering, he writes that Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Islamic terrorist group also dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel, which is armed, trained and financed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, “does not want a war now,” though he does acknowledge that the group is a “formidable organization.”

If Dyer has a secret insight into Hezbollah’s mindset showing the terror group’s newfound admiration for peace and stability with Israel, it would come as a surprise to the residents of northern Israel, where those living in dozens of towns and villages have been evacuated and moved into safer parts of the country over the last three months following Hezbollah’s repeated rocket attacks into Israeli territory.

If Hezbollah does not want a war with Israel, they have an unusual way of showing it.

Only one day following the Hamas attacks three months ago, Hezbollah fired artillery shells and rockets into Israel, in an unprovoked assault clearly meant to goad Israel into responding. Within days, terrorists from Lebanon attempted to infiltrate into Israel, and since then, Hezbollah has continued to fire rockets into its southern neighbour.

Israel rightly sees both Hamas and Hezbollah as deadly serious threats to its existence, not only because of the dangers they both pose, but because of their patron, Iran, a regime which has funneled untold sums into the region, helping both groups wage never-ending war on the Jewish State, all while letting tens of millions of Iranians slide into abject poverty as their leaders prioritize war over their well-being. Dyer is free to hold, and express, opinions hostile to Israel’s elected leadership, namely prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But in this column, Dyer has allowed his personal animus to cloud any reasonable judgement he may have provided, and instead has whitewashed and minimized the deadly threats against Israel.


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