Guest On CJAD 800 Radio Claims Jewish Donors Control McGill University

A recent radio broadcast in Montreal saw a guest overtly claim that Jewish money was behind McGill University’s supposed opposition to an anti-Israel occupation on campus.

In a June 13 broadcast on CJAD 800, host David Heurtel was joined by Sue Montgomery, a former mayor of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, a Montreal borough, as well as Anne Lagace-Dowson, a self-described “independent journalist” whose social media feed is filled with anti-Israel diatribes.

Listen to the clip below:

The discussion surrounded the ongoing illegal anti-Israel occupation at McGill University, which both guests expressed their support for, but both Montgomery and Lagace-Dowson found a way to blame Montreal Jews.

Lagace-Dowson told Huertel that McGill University ought to divest from Israel-related investments, saying that “McGill has divested 5 times in the past, including from apartheid South Africa in the 80s…and I think… they really do need to do more about divesting from companies…that make arms that are being used to slaughter civilians in Gaza.”

Although Lagace-Dowson appeared ignorant of the differences, unlike apartheid-era South Africa, Israel is a vibrant liberal democracy where Jews, Muslims and Christians enjoy full and equal treatment under the law.

Even more outlandishly, she then continued that the university administration apparently is in the debt of the anti-Israel hate mob on campus, and has “to not just say, ok we’re not going to wreck your academic careers or drag you into court, we’re going to…do something.”

It is unclear why Lagace-Dowson believes that McGill University owes anything to a group of anti-Israel malcontents who have illegally occupied space on campus. Despite this occupation, the university administration has failed to suspend or expel any students, has not used security to remove them, continues to allow protesters in-and-out privileges, and has even legitimized their existence with ongoing negotiations. And yet, Legace-Dowson believes the mob is owed even more!

The conversation soon turned even darker, with Montgomery, a former borough mayor in Montreal, somehow finding an opportunity to blame Montreal Jews.

“The difference between…apartheid (South Africa) and other investments, they were in countries where the people involved weren’t necessarily big donors to McGill, and I think that’s where this situation is different…Montreal has a huge Jewish community that is very supportive of McGill…I think that’s what makes the difference.”

The gaslighting from both guests is almost indescribable. Even as the university administration tacitly allows a hate mob to continue to stay as long as they please, Montgomery somehow found a way to portray the university as in the pocket of Jewish donors to the university.

If that were even remotely the case, presumably the encampment would be removed by private security immediately, rather than the university negotiating with the demonstrators.

At no point during Montgomery’s excrementitious comments did she point out that the campus occupation is in fact opposed by a large majority of Canadians at large, not just Jews, nor did she share a scintilla of evidence showing a shadowy group of Jewish donors pressuring McGill University, and even if she did, the complete lack of any action from the university demonstrates that any such efforts have clearly resulted in nothing.

As for Mongtomery’s comment that the “huge” Jewish community in Montreal is pulling the strings, her bizarre argument could be turned on its head, and the host could have pointed out that Montreal’s Muslim population is roughly 2.5 times larger, so perhaps it is that demographic which is helping to keep the encampment from being closed by authorities, but neither host nor either of his guests dared to say that.

The discussion on CJAD 800 was an excellent example of gaslighting from two fanatical guests. A small anti-Israel occupation at McGill University, comprising a miniscule percentage of the school’s student body, has been able to stand with no consequences whatsoever despite overt instances of hate speech, violence and intimidation. However, Sue Montgomery had the temerity to somehow claim that “Jewish” donors in Montreal are exerting undue pressure on the university, but to what end, neither guest somehow has any clue, since the occupiers have achieved unprecedented successes, despite being entirely undeserving of even basic legitimacy.

For his part, host Heurtel barely uttered a peep, allowing the harebrained discussion to continue unabated.


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