Government-Funded UBC Student Newspaper Features Column By Anti-Israel “Jew On Campus” Who Calls Zionism “White Supremacist” and Accuses Israel Of Genocide

April 2, 2024

In a March 21 opinion column in The Ubyssey, a Canadian government-funded student newspaper at the University of British Columbia entitled: “Why Hillel makes me feel less safe as a Jew on campus,” author Jess Goldman led readers down a meandering path of self-reflection, all while sharing demonstrably false and unsubstantiated anti-Israel misinformation.

According to the newspaper’s biography of the author, Goldman “is a queer Jewish writer, comics artist, amateur puppeteer, and half-baked Yiddishist.”

In the commentary, Goldman wrote that “to oppose Zionism is to oppose a settler-colonial project rooted in white supremacist expansionism. It is not anti-Semitic. In fact, I’d argue it’s the opposite.”

Beyond the faux-academic gobbledygook used by Goldman in an attempt to defame Zionism as something nefarious, nothing about it is “settler-colonial,” or rooted in “white supremacist expansionism.”

Zionism is the Jewish People’s national liberation movement which holds that Jews have the right to pursue self-determination on a collective scale in their historic and ancestral homeland.

To oppose Zionism, consequently, is to accept historical revisionism and deny the three thousand years of Jewish habitation in the Levant, an ignorance that Goldman is apparently enthusiastic to embrace.

As for Goldman’s bizarre take, that opposing the Jewish People’s collective right of self-determination is somehow “the opposite” of antisemitism is simply unintelligible nonsense. In fact, by any reasonable definition of antisemitism, denying Jews the rights one would give to others would fall under the rubric of Jew-hatred.

Seemingly unsatisfied with attempting to bastardize the meaning of Zionism, Goldman twice accused Israel of committing “genocide” in Gaza as part of its counter-terrorism campaign against Hamas.

While such allegations are often favoured by anti-Israel activists, such claims are ridiculous to the point of absurdity.

Israel, though it possesses the military capacity to effectively wipe Gaza off the map in minutes, has obviously not done so. In fact, even after six months of high-intensity urban warfare, where Hamas terrorists – with hundreds of Israeli hostages in tow – have hidden amongst civilians, Israel has taken extraordinary measures to minimize civilian casualties.

Israel has provided repeated and ample warnings to civilians, has placed Israeli soldiers on the ground to fight, rather than simply striking targets from the air.

As a result, the proportion of civilian casualties in Gaza is far lower than in virtually any other armed conflict in modern history, a fact that has received virtually no mention in Canadian news media coverage of the Hamas-Israel war.

Goldman’s column also defended the now-failed effort by anti-Israel activists to force the University of British Columbia to effectively expel Hillel, the largest Jewish campus organization, by ending the institution’s lease with the group.

Fortunately, the hateful effort was a catastrophic failure for those who sought to expel Hillel, but Goldman defended the attempt, ostensibly because they “have never felt represented” by Hillel, and citing the group’s temerity to have a soldier from the Israel Defense Forces speak on campus.

Jess Goldman’s opinion column in The Ubyssey is a rambling anti-Israel screed which shows little respect for factual accuracy, and attempts to condescendingly twist the meaning of Zionism into a nefarious movement, when it is the exact opposite.


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