Globe & Mail Commentator Whitewashes Hamas Guilt

Sheema Khan, in her March 2 opinion column for The Globe and Mail entitled: “This Ramadan will be simbre as Canadian Muslims reflect on Gaza,” wrote lyrically of the sadness Muslims experience this Ramadan due to their spiritual brotherhood with residents of the Gaza Strip. Cleverly evocative, she ignores any context and paints the Hamas-Israel war as only having Gazan casualties, with a clear finger pointing to Israel as the aggressor.

Nothing could be further from the truth. On October 7, 2023, Hamas, a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization elected to rule the Gaza Strip in 2006 and which enjoys widespread support in the territory, invaded southern Israel unprovoked, and murdered babies, raped women, dismembered residents and massacred whole families, totaling 1,200 innocent people. They also took 253 hostages, including women and children, and continue to hold 136, including baby Kfir Bibas, who ‘celebrated’ his first birthday in captivity. Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’s leader, called the massacre “a rehearsal” and lest there was any doubt about Hamas’ ideology, the group’s own charter continues to call for the destruction of Israel and its inhabitants.

In Khan’s lengthy portrayal of her Islamic faith as a relatable, moderate and spiritual religion, when talking about the fast of Ramadan, she stated: “I went three consecutive years without fasting when my children were born 13 months apart, and I nursed for a year. I felt a special agency to have the choice not to fast, in order to nourish myself and the growing life inside my womb, or rahm, which in Arabic connotes mercy and compassion.”

On October 7, Hamas terrorists, following their fanatical religious ideology, murdered a woman and took her unborn baby from her womb – her “rahm” and stabbed it while still attached to the cord. This encapsulates the horrific contrast of experiences in the name of Islam that desperately calls for a separation between moderate and extreme Islamists. Yet Khan failed to draw a line between moderate Islam and Hamas’ radical Islamist ideology, nor did she condemn Hamas.

Khan’s column parroted Hamas’ disinformation. In writing that “20,000 women and children have been killed,” in the current war, she relies on unsubstantiated numbers from the “Gaza Ministry of Health,” which is wholly under the control of none other than Hamas. She neglects to mention her source.

One of Hamas’s core strategies is callously using its own citizens as human shields, causing the death of the population it purports to represent. The group also regularly recruits both women and youth as terrorists against Israel. The Israeli military has encountered teenaged Palestinians running at them with explosive-laden suicide belts.

Furthermore, she mentions the Canadian Muslim community’s call for political “condemnation of war crimes in Gaza, supporting an immediate ceasefire, demanding the resumption of funding for UNRWA, opposing the flow of arms to Israel, and upholding the right of Canadians to express solidarity with Palestinians without fear of reprisal.”

While there is an appalling humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the source of it is Hamas. There are no war crimes in Gaza other than those committed by the Islamic terror group. Entrances to tunnels for Hamas terrorists have been found under a baby’s crib. Israel takes unprecedented measures to limit civilian casualties by warning civilians through leafleting and direct phone calls, among other measures. The UN has documented that in modern warfare, 90 percent of casualties are civilians. There has been a far lower percentage of civilian casualties due to Israel’s military care. Of course, Hamas’s strategy of using human shields increases their death toll.

Cruelly, Sheema Khan makes no call for a hostage release, despite its likely impact of a ceasefire. Without it, an immediate ceasefire is a call to allow for terrorists to regroup to continue their implementation of Hamas’s genocidal charter.

Khan called for a resumption of funding for UNWRA, and said nothing about Israel’s charges that 14 of its staff took part in Hamas’ October 7 massacre and that as many as 12 percent of UNRWA staff are affiliated with a Palestinian terrorist group. A social media channel for UNWRA staff with 3,000 members contains messages glorifying October 7 and calling for the execution of the hostages. Hamas’ top secret data centre was housed directly under UNWRA’s headquarters in Gaza. Funding UNWRA is clearly funding Hamas terrorism, but Khan, rather than addressing this evidence, simply swept it under the rug.

Sheema Khan’s commentary in The Globe and Mail was an astonishing and dangerous whitewashing of Hamas’s guilt.


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