Globe And Mail Editorial Gives A Powerful & Clear Defence of Israel

October 12, 2023

In the last few days, when there have been a barrage of instances of deplorable coverage of Hamas’ genocidal war against Israel, it is also important to recognize excellence.

On October 10, The Globe & Mail published an opinion column by its editorial board entitled: “Canada must stand by Israel,” which was a statement of supreme moral clarity, particularly coming from Canada’s newspaper of record.

The column not only condemned Hamas’ “shocking and brutal attacks” against Israeli civilians, referring to the Islamist group correctly as a “terrorist organization,” but pushing back against the “lazy notion that the two sides in the conflict need to agree to a ceasefire.”

It continued that “there are not two sides, equally to blame. There are Israelis, kidnapped and murdered, and there is Hamas, the kidnappers and murderers.”

This recognition – that the perpetrators of terrorism and its victims should not be equated – is a statement that has tragically been lost on many members of Canada’s news media, whether it was news outlets giving airtime to those blaming Israel for Hamas’ murderous rampage, or even more shocking, Canada’s former ambassador to Israel who claimed in a Toronto Star column that Israel’s non-existent “occupation” of Gaza made Hamas massacre Israeli men, women and children, including babies.

As the Globe editorial correctly noted, Israel is under no obligation whatsoever to agree to any ceasefire with Hamas. Doing so would only be capitulating to the Islamist terrorist group, giving it life for another day. “Destroying Hamas is not only a legitimate aim for Israel, but an act of self-preservation,” the column reads, adding that “Israel has the right to defend itself, even if the exercise of that right results in collateral civilian casualties.”

The overwhelming brutality of Hamas’ massacre of innocent Israelis on October 7 should have put to rest the fallacy that any action on Israel’s part could possibly pacify the terrorist group, but nevertheless, some anti-Israel detractors have continued to claim that Hamas’ massacre was a natural reaction to Israel daring to build a security fence between the Jewish State and Gaza, as one commentator said in an interview with CBC News on October 8.

Just as Israel has a duty and a responsibility to take whatever actions it deems necessary to defend its people, the Canadian news media has a duty and responsibility to educate the Canadian public about what is truly taking place in Israel and Gaza.

Comparisons between Hamas and the Islamic State (ISIS) have long been made, and particularly in the last week, and for good reason. Both Hamas’ ideology and grotesque tactics are similar to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Hamas is a genocidal organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the creation of a fundamentalist Islamic state. If Hamas were successful in conquering Israel, it would slaughter every single person it could possibly get its hands on. In the face of such a bloodthirsty enemy seeking to utterly eradicate Israel from the map, what possible choice does Israel have?

Rather than making false moral comparisons between Israel and Hamas, or blaming Israel for Hamas’ unprovoked mass murder, the Canadian news media must unequivocally state that what is taking place is not a fight over real estate, but of the very existence of Israel. In other words, a conflict that is existential, not territorial. Doing anything less would be a total failure of reporting.

As the Globe & Mail editorial ends, “Canada has, rightly, given its support to Israel at the start of its fight. We must stand by Israel through to the end.” Standing with Israel against a genocidal Islamist terrorist group is not a political opinion, nor a partisan viewpoint, and it should be expressed by every news media outlet in the country. And in this regard, The Globe & Mail’s editorial made an important contribution.


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