Globe and Mail Depicts Slain Palestinian Terrorist As Innocent Civilian

On Sunday, January 29, a Palestinian terrorist armed with a handgun, infiltrated Kedumim and in an attempted terror attack was shot dead by an Israeli security team who prevented a massacre of innocent Israelis.

In covering this attack on January 30, the Globe featured the following morally obtuse headline that wrongly depicted Israelis as killing a presumably innocent Palestinian civilian: “Palestinian man fatally shot as Israel attacks persist.”

This headline given by Globe editors to a New York Times report was a moral inversion of what actually took place. Israeli security acted in self-defense against an armed terrorist infiltrator, thwarted the attack and in so doing, saved countless lives, all at a time when Israel is enduring a fresh new wave of Palestinian terrorism.

This terror attack came on the heels of the recent murderous rampage outside a Jerusalem-area synagogue on the sabbath that saw seven innocent Israeli civilians gunned down in cold blood.

HonestReporting Canada has already communicated our concerns directly to senior editors at the Globe and we encourage you to also take action to condemn the Globe’s moral inversion of the truth and its misleading depiction of a slain Palestinian terrorist as being an innocent Palestinian civilian victim of Israeli brutality.


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