Global News Report Shows Violence Perpetrated By Anti-Israel Mob, Then Exclusively Interviews Activists Blaming University For Violence

In his seminal book 1984, author George Orwell wrote that The Party, the novel’s totalitarian power, told the public to “reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.”

That famous line appears highly apropos when considering the campus occupations by anti-Israel activists in a number of Canadian universities. Despite documented instances of hate speech, violence, harassment, intimidation and support for Islamic terrorism, news media outlets have consistently and uncritically repeated claims from activists that their demonstrations have remained peaceful and unobjectionable.

In a May 14 news article and accompanying video for Global News entitled: “Protesters set up pro-Palestinian encampment at Queen’s University in Kingston,” Digital Broadcast Journalist Talha Hashmani began a report by showing a violent attempt by anti-Israel protesters to enter a Queen’s University building, who were prevented from doing so by campus security.

Watch the full segment:

Despite the clear use of violence by anti-Israel activists, Hashmani focused his attention on campus security, telling viewers the identities of the university’s security guards in the video seen defending the building, and that “requests for comment from them or the university about their conduct have not been given.”

This bizarre and Orwellian statement that the conduct of the university, and not the miscreants using violence, that should be in question, is simply incomprehensible.

Yet Hashmani’s entire report followed this same theme, with the reporter saying that “some protesters have accused Queen’s security of using excessive force,” despite viewers being able to see clearly that it was not campus security, but the protesters, who were the aggressors.

The video report and article also showcased a group called the Queen’s University Faculty Observer’s Network, and Hashmani reported that, according to the group, which was shown as seven older women in the video, as “claiming that any threats and violence came from campus security and police.”

While the report quoted a Queen’s University statement which said that “everyone should feel safe working and studying on campus,” not a single individual was quoted who opposed the encampments.

Hashmani reported that the university’s statement read, in part, that “there were reports of aggressive acts and threats made during the early protest,” before hastening to tell readers and viewers that “it did not provide details on such acts.”

Curiously, despite repeatedly quoting anti-Israel protesters who claimed violence at the hands of the university, Hashmani did not offer a similar statement that they offered no evidence for their allegations.

Despite identifying the names of the campus security officials attempting to keep the anti-Israel rabble from violently invading a university building, Hashmani was happy to keep anonymous the identity of one activist, whom he identified only as an “unnamed alumni,” who was wearing a keffiyeh covering her face.

Despite the overwhelming news coverage provided to such anti-Israel encampments, the protesters represent a figure so marginal, they can only be called fringe, with only a few hundred student protesters across all of Canada, out of nearly 1.5 million total university students.

The May 14 Global News report by Talha Hashmani took the spurious accusations of anti-Israel activists at face value claiming peaceful protest, all while effectively ignoring video evidence that their mob was indeed the source of violence at Queen’s University.


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