Global News Report Gives Exclusive Platform To Critics Accusing Israel Of Committing War Crimes

December 13, 2023

On December 10, Global News produced a report on Human Rights Day, the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But rather than informing viewers about the significance of the day, the broadcaster used the opportunity to present a one-sided and overwhelmingly anti-Israel attack, which labeled the Jewish State a perpetrator of war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

The 2.5 minute report, produced by reporter Lexy Benedict entitled: “75th anniversary of Human Rights Days sparks calls for restoration of basic human rights amid conflicts overseas,” featured four interviewees, all of whom alleged that Israel is committing human rights violations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

No sources were filmed or cited who expressed a different view.

One interviewee, Gur Tsabar, with anti-Israel pressure group Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), told the broadcast that “we are watching Palestinian human rights being demolished in front of our eyes.”

Another interviewee, Sam Padayachee, a senior representative from the Union of National Employees, accused Israel of “practic(ing) politics that oppresses certain groups of people.”

In the face of these quotes, Benedict could have presented viewers with an opposing voice who could have rebutted these charges, but she failed to do so.

Benedict continued her broadcast by telling viewers that pro-Palestinian rallies continue to be held, which “call for an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid, and the liberation of Palestinian people.”

The careful selection of elements mentioned by Benedict, including three voices critical of Israel, and mention of anti-Israel demonstrations, falsely suggests that there is seemingly unanimous acceptance on the part of the general public that Israel is committing human rights atrocities against the Palestinians.

Not only did Benedict give a complete monopoly of voices to anti-Israel claims in her report, the entire focus of her broadcast was on Israel, neglecting to mention any other conflicts in the world where there are indisputable human rights violations.

To call this an inordinate focus on Israel would be a dramatic understatement. It is a complete and total infatuation with Israel at the exclusion of all other conflicts, many of which feature overt war crimes.

In Sudan, warring factions are openly committing war crimes and ethnic cleansing and sexual crimes are being reported widely as a tool of psychological torture in the war. In Ukraine, both Russian and Ukrainian forces have been accused of human rights violations, but neither of these horrific war zones merited a single mention in Benedict’s broadcast.

Even more troublingly, Benedict never once cited Hamas’ crimes against humanity, most recently during their October 7 massacre in southern Israel. In fact, only once did Benedict ever utter the word Hamas, doing so only in reference to “Israel’s war on Hamas.”

It is incredulous that for a report on the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Global News’ report, never bothered to ever inform viewers about the indisputable and mass human rights violations committed by the Islamic terrorist group.

On October 7, the group carried a massacre of 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals and committed mass rapes, tortures and murder, before kidnapping hundreds of Israelis and foreigners into Gaza. Hamas’ culpability is not in question: the group proudly recorded their attacks on video, and since then, the group’s leaders have expressed in no uncertain terms their plan to carry out yet more attacks against Israel, until the Jewish State is destroyed.

Benedict’s report left viewers with an impression that Israel is committing war crimes, and that its enemy, Hamas, presumably is innocent, for it merited no mention.


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