Global News Gives Uncritical Platform To Hamas Terrorist Who Denies Its Aim To Kill Israeli Civilians

October 26, 2023

On October 24, 2023, Global National broadcast an interview with Hamas spokesman Gazi Hamed. During the segment, Global gave him an uncritical platform, even bestowing him legitimacy by creating a false narrative that there is a difference between Hamas’ terrorist wing and their political bureau, both of which are part of the same organization.

In the 2-minute segment, Europe Bureau Chief Crystal Goomansingh unquestionably parroted claims by Hamas, the same organization responsible for the massacre of Israeli civilians less than 3 weeks ago, including failing to mention that they are also the government controlling the health ministry in Gaza.

Less than a month after Hamas’ horrific terrorist attack, which included the brutal torturing of children, Hamed told Goomansingh that it was “not our intention to kill civilians”, despite extensive video evidence showing Hamas terrorists gleefully chasing and murdering Israeli civilians during their October 7 invasion in southern Israel.

Goomansingh told viewers that Hamed maintained that, “without question the occupation must end,” failing to point out that Israel does not occupy a single inch of the Gaza Strip, and has not done so since 2005.

Goomansingh also uncritically repeated Hamed’s claim that, at the time of the interview, 5,791 innocent civilians had been killed in Israeli airstrikes. The allegation that all Gazans killed in Israeli air strikes have been innocent civilians – and none Hamas terrorists – is patently preposterous and Israel claims it killed 1,000 Hamas terrorists so far, while the total Palestinian casualty numbers cannot be verified. On October 7, thousands of Hamas terrorists streamed into Israel, murdering en masse, and yet suddenly there are ostensibly no Hamas terrorists in Gaza?

Remarkably, Goomansingh did not tell viewers that this number is indisputably false.

Hamed told Goomansingh during the interview that Hamas’ intentions were “peace and stability,” a textbook example of historical revisionism. Hamas’ founding charter calls unambiguously for the destruction of Israel through violent means, and the establishment of an Islamic theocratic state in its stead. To that end, it has spent decades attempting to murder as many Israelis as possible, through suicide bombing, car ramming attacks, stabbings, firing of rockets into Israeli towns, and finally, its most recent massacre.

In the wake of the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust, it is inconceivable that a Canadian news media outlet would give a platform to a spokesperson for the terrorist organization responsible for the massacre, without even a semblance of attempting to hold the group accountable for their vile atrocities.

While there are unquestionably civilian deaths in Gaza, Israel has repeatedly attempted to minimize them, encouraging Gazan civilians to evacuate some areas, only to have Hamas physically prevent Gazan civilians from fleeing to safety. 

Incredibly, not only did Goomansingh fail to hold Hamas’ spokesperson to account for his whitewashing of the terrorist group’s action, she had the gall to tell viewers that Hamed was “measured” in the interview.

Lamentably, the suffering continues. Hamas continues to holds 222 Israelis hostage, including dozens of children. To have a representative from their organization on Canadian television, without holding them to account is an attempt at moral equivalency between a terrorist organization and a liberal democracy.

Goomansingh, had a chance to challenge these assertions, and it is particularly egregious that while Hamed stood in front of her camera, she failed to even question the basic premise of his blatant lie that Hamas does not seek to murder civilians.

As Israel battles Hamas, an Islamist terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel through violent means, journalists like Goomansingh simply cannot act as Hamas’ stenographers, uncritically parroting the group’s propaganda to viewers.


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