Global News Gives Airtime To Pro-Palestinian Activist Yara Shoufani Who Defends Hamas Terrorism

March 18, 2024

Update: March 21, 2024

Following the publication of HonestReporting Canada’s action alert on March 18, senior executives at Global News contacted HRC and made two changes to their article which gave airtime to pro-Palestinian activist Yara Shoufani who defends Hamas terrorism.

1. The headline of Global’s news article has been changed to “Israel-Gaza: 2 arrested at pro-Palestinian protest in Toronto outside Trudeau event”

2. Regarding Yara Shoufani’s unfounded allegations that Israel is committing “genocide”, Global News added the following editors note to its reporting: Israel has denied accusations of genocide in its campaign against Hamas. In January, Israel insisted at the United Nations’ highest court that its conflict in Gaza was a legitimate defence of its people and said instead that Hamas was guilty of genocide.

We thank Global News for its cooperation and for take corrective action.

All it would take is a simple 2-minute Google search to find out who Yara Shoufani is (a pro-Palestinian activist who defends Hamas terrorism) but it seems that Global News Toronto can’t even be bothered to do that in advance of its reporting, which raises the question: Does Global News do any due diligence prior to choosing who to give a platform to?

Case in point, on March 16, Global News Toronto covered a protest outside the King Edward Hotel where Prime Minister Trudeau was having a fundraising event.

During the protest, Global News interviewed Yara Shoufani. What was left untold by Global News is that Shoufani is a senior member of the Palestinian Youth Movement, a group that openly celebrated Hamas’ October 7 massacre of 1,200+ Israelis.

As we exposed previously, the day before Hamas’ genocidal massacres on October 7, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, a federal research-funding agency, announced two grants each valued at $105,000 of taxpayer money, awarded to Yara Shoufani, a researcher at York University for her PhD for her work entitled: “Palestinian Urban Displacement in Israel: Anti-Colonialism and the Right to the City.”

During the interview with Global News, Shoufani said the following (emphasis added):

“The Prime Minister thinks that it is appropriate to host a fundraising event with $1,700 tickets for purchase, while his government continues to send arms to Israel on month six of its ongoing genocide in Gaza”.

Not only did Global News give Shoufani a platform to spread disinformation, but the news outlet seemingly did not know who it was talking to, as Yara Shoufani has a long and sordid history of making statements that reasonable Canadians would find appalling.

For example, on October 8, the very day after Hamas’ barbaric mass murders, rapes, kidnappings, and mutilations of Israeli civilians in their homes and at a music festival and while hundreds of families were still running and hiding for their lives, and long before there had been any Israeli response, Shoufani enthusiastically posted on X (formerly Twitter) that Palestinians “have a right not only to resist, but to liberate our land…”

Shoufani’s social media is replete with statements supporting violent terrorism. Her posts on X also show her sympathizing with Houthi attacks from Yemen on Israeli and internationally flagged ships in the Red Sea:

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Yet, with all of this information being easily accessible on the Internet, Global News deemed it appropriate to give Shoufani airtime, letting her openly spread disinformation without a challenge to any of her offensive statements.

As one of Canada’s largest broadcasters, Global News must take responsibility for not only who they speak to and who they decide to give a platform to, but also to give viewers context about controversial figures they give airtime to.


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