Global National Reporter Blames Israel For Gaza Mass Graves Without Any Evidence

In a recent report broadcast by Global National, the broadcaster’s European Bureau Chief, Crystal Goomansingh, gave uncritical coverage to groundless accusations that Israel was involved in a mass grave recently uncovered in the Gaza Strip.

On April 26, Global News broadcast a report by Goomansingh entitled: “Gaza mass graves sound alarm for independent UN investigation”, wherein Global’s correspondent attempted to leverage biased testimony from various anti-Israel “experts” and mobilize her own deceptive and inaccurate reporting, done in order to mislead her audience into believing that the State of Israel murdered hundreds Palestinian civilians and surreptitiously concealed their bodies within mass graves at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis.

In her report, Goomansingh explicitly stated that “the remains of nearly 200 people have been exhumed so far. There are reports some of the bodies were bound with their hands tied, putting a spotlight on Israel Defense Forces who, up until recently, were conducting operations around the hospital.” Goomansingh made these comments despite the fact that absolutely no evidence exists to support her claims or to at all link the State of Israel to the mass graves at Nasser Hospital.

Numerous experts have confirmed that the graves at Nasser Hospital long predate Israel’s presence and that it was Palestinians themselves, not Israelis, who created the graves. According to satellite imagery and other data, the graves were dug by locals inside Gaza as a means of burying their dead in a safe manner, and not by the Israeli military. However, at no point in her report did Goomansingh share any of these critical details with viewers.

No less important, with Goomansingh’s attempt to draw a connection where there is none, particularly when mentioning potential executions, Global’s reporter made no mention of the extensive steps Israel has taken to minimize civilian casualties in a densely-populated urban combat zone.

Moreover, despite the fact that Goomansingh’s recent story featured multiple Hamas officials and pro-Palestinian pundits, such as Sacha Myers and Save the Children, Goomansingh did not deign to feature a single pro-Israel expert or advocate. In fact, although Goomansingh’s story ran for two minutes and ten seconds, she devoted a grand total of 8 seconds to communicating the Israeli perspective.

Sadly, Crystal Goomansingh has a long, sordid, history of producing partisan content that is error-plagued and which fails to give airtime to the Israeli point of view.

For example, on September 22, 2023, Global News was forced to issue an on-air apology and correction, as result of Goomansingh’s lackadaisical and inaccurate reporting.

Furthermore, Goomansingh has repeatedly featured terrorists in her broadcasts and used her platform as a journalist in order to legitimize the barbaric actions and narrative of Palestinian terrorist organizations, as she did in October 2023, when she interviewed Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad, failing to challenge his overt lies, including stating that the terrorist group does not target civilians.

Crystal Goomansingh has easily demonstrated that she is either unwilling or unable to discuss the events of the Israel-Palestinian conflict earnestly and with integrity. Moreover, Goomansingh has consistently produced reports, based upon grossly inaccurate testimony, as well as deceptive and misleading reporting.


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